Sunday, May 25, 2008

His Birthday Gift Wish

I remembered I have answered a tag here asking me what birthday gift I would want. Then it came to me and I asked hubby the same question and specifically mentioned that he should not copy my answer. While holding my breath (I am thinking if I could afford the gift), I am intently listening to him. Then he said “Hon, I want a watch.” Oh, just a watch – that was on my mind. Then he blurted, “Choose any style from those cartier watches”. Then he started giving me those naughty smiles. I know then that he was kidding me. Of course I know how expensive these watches are. Though I know it was a joke still I googled Cartier watches and tried to check how much one costs.

Did I find the shock of my life? Yes. I went the forum on their site and checked the information that I needed - the price, the durability, the styles that mostly customers choose and testimonials. If we are not saving up for my fertility work ups as well as for the renovation of our house, I would say that I would save my earnings for my part time job to buy him one. Anyway, I still have 6 months to save to give him that birthday gift. But of course, we need to prioritize things. So even if these watches are durable and of great styles, a Cartier watch sounds impossible for this year but I would try to save up and give him his dream watch hopefully by next year. Oh, wish me luck. I would no longer buy clothes and shoes in the next coming months until next year then. Waaah, is this the cost of loving too much? Heheh, kidding!

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