Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Empty Womb, Aching Heart...

I am not happy but I am just "okay" last Sunday. Yes, that was the Sunday we greeted all the mothers a Happy Mother's Day. Honestly, I have a sort-of a heavy heart not being able to receive happy mother's day text messages, friendster comments or e-cards. But got to face reality - no greetings since I am not a mom YET.

So just to feel a little good, I checked the Internet and true enough I found an inspiration. When you are in a tough situation and when you feel that no one feels the same thing you do, all you have to do now is check online. I found this excerpts from the book Empty Womb, Aching Heart by Marlo Schalesky. It is the perfect article to lift a trying-to-conceive soul. It REALLY uplifted mine. For those wifeys that are on the same boat, try to read the excerpts (the inspiring short story) here.

"Yes, I love You now, when my heart hurts so much I think it will break, when the reminder of what I may never have is all around me, now when I can't ignore the fact that You haven't answered my dearest prayer. Now, Lord, I want you to know that I really do love you, despite it all."


Nancy said...

Hi Arlene..this is a very sad longing of yours but lift up your heart, sis. Everything will happen at it's own place and time...cheer up! Best wishes for you!

mari said...

parang may harang yung lalamunan ko while reading the excerpts...
i was just saying kanina how i am starting to hate mother's day na. ilang taon na ba akong dinadaan-daanan ng mother's day greetings na yan. but when i read it nga, para akong nabuhayan.

hoping pa rin naman tayo di ba? hindi pa huli ang lahat. meron pa uling mother's day next year at sana by that time, makasama na tayo sa mgccelebrate

Arlene Tabamo said...

@ nancy - thanks so much for the encouraging words. :)

@ mari - naku i felt the same when i was reading the excerpts.. parang gusto ko na ngang bilhin ung book.

ako din medyo parang di ko na rin feel ung mother's day but then i have sisters, mom and mom-in-law and friends that deserved to be happy on that day. so i was trying to cheer up myself. good thing i found this story... very uplifting talga :)

and yes sis, hoping pa din tayo ... and this second half of the year we'll have a baby bump! :)

Mich said...

wow this is a beautiful prayer sis! I'm sure your baby is on his/her way na in God's time :) I honor you for being so open and for letting God work in your life.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Arlene. I'm sure the right time will come for your blessing. God bless.

MiLeTTe said...

your time will come. wag ka mainip. while waiting try to enjoy what's there to enjoy because pag anjan na yan nde mo na hawak ang iyong oras.

be happy! ;) god will give you what your are asking him in due time.

kwentuhan lang kita. when i got married andun na ung apprehension ko of getting pregnant dahil sa lupus ko. it was only for a short time pero alam mo ung may reason ka para matakot. in the end, sabi ko thy will be done. after i submit myself to him, unexpectedly i got pregnant, and i delivered with less complication. ganun yata talaga.

keep the faith!


JEMI said...

HI there! I know how you feel about not having a child . . . yet . been there ! done that ! It took me a while to get pregnant because of my thyroid problems. We never gave up . Instead we kept praying and asking God to heal every part of my body that hindered me from getting pregnant. We also asked a visiting pastor to pray over us to conceive and to heal me . That week, I got pregnant and I got healed from my thyroid problem. I just want to encourage you to keep your faith in God strong and never give up ! The bible says that if you delight yourself in the Lord, He will grant the desires of your heart. I don't know you personally but I will pray for you to conceive. If you are intersted, check my husband's blog www.leaveandcleave.blogspot.com . He has a very detailed entry on my healing testimony . God bless you and yours !!!!

Roger DJ said...

Hello Arlene,
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a messge.
Looks like my wife, Jemima already made a comment here . I also want to encourage you. Not only CAN God do it but He WANTS to do it. I BELIEVE it !
God Bless you and your husband as you live the life of faith in Christ Jesus !

Eds said...

Hi sis!

In the time, blessings that are meant for you will pour. Your prayers may not be answered now, pero in his time you'll definitely have the answer.:)

Don't forget to SMILE! :-)

maanne said...

sis, got teary eyed while reading this post! lam mo nman n we share the same sentiment! keep the faith, our turn will come! GOD will definitely hear our prayers! take care sis!

Keep the faith!

Arlene Tabamo said...

@mich -yep i love the prayer. it says all i feel.. thanks sis :)

@heart of rachel -many thanks sis :)

@milette - you will always be an inspiration. thanks for sharing your story and god bless! :)

@jemi - thanks jemi for sharing. through you and your hubby, i know i found strength and i know that with strong faith nothing is impossible.

@roger - yes, I believe- i truly believe!

@eds - sis thanks so much.

@maane - again and again - di ako magsasawa .. baby dust for us :)