Saturday, May 31, 2008

Done with Step 1 - Hysterosonogram

Last Thursday I was scheduled to undergo hysterosonogram under my reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Eileen Co-Sy. I must admit that as early as Wednesday I was feeling so nervous. I really hate medical procedures or tests but somehow I know I have to do this to know where to start in dealing with infertility.

I woke up at 5 am since we were supposed to hear mass at 6 AM but hubby did not sleep early because of insomnia so I decided not to wake him up. I tried to get some more sleep and woke up at 7 am. Both hubby and I filed a leave from our work. We left the house at 9 AM and bought some medicines/pain relievers needed for the test. Then we went ahead to Our Lady of Carmelite Monastery in Angeles before going to the infertility clinic. Though our RE mentioned that she is somewhat positive that there is a lump somewhere in my uterus, still we are hoping that we would get a positive result from this test. We prayed really hard for this.


We reached the clinic at 10:30 AM and the assistant had me take 2 Celebrex 100 mg. Then she gave me a shot of Buscopan. I was expecting that we would wait for an hour but since there were no more patients, they already made me lie on the examination table. So there is no turning back, they would do the procedure right there and then. I felt a tinge of pain when they put the catheter inside my uterus. Then after they have prepared the catheter, they gave me 2 Feldene Flash that I need to put under my tongue. Then the the ultrasound came and they inject more saline in the catheter. During the procedure I was really so relaxed, the assistant of doctora even mentioned that. If there was pain, it was tolerable. I am used to dysmenorrhea and the pain is just like that (and thanks to the pain relievers) . My doctor and her assistant keep on telling me to look at the monitor and see what's there but I could not understand what I am seeing. So I just asked them if there is really polyps. And what they said really made me so happy.

Dra. Co-Sy indicated something on the monitor and she said that the water actually flowed on my right tube fast and then on the left tube. Then she said that she would inject more saline so that the tubes will be totally cleanse of any blockages. I waited and patiently relish the little pain that indicates that I have done step 1 and have proven that my tubes are patent. She printed the results and the procedure was finished. For those who would be undergoing hysterosonogram, don't forget to bring a sanitary napkin. You would need that after the procedure since the injected saline would spill out.

We then proceeded to detailed discussing of the results. She said that though she has been suspecting polyps before, but she is so happy to see that the test proved that there is no problem with my reproductive system. And since my tubes are working then even if I have endometriosis, laparoscopy would no longer be needed (YEY!).

So you might ask, what would be the next step? The next step would be IUI or Intra Uterine Insemination. Six years of doing the deed naturally is quite long to prove that this method is not successful for us that is why this time, we are opting for artificial insemination. Next check up would be on June 3 for follicle monitoring and that would also be the time to know if we can go for IUI for this cycle.

Since we got a positive result for the test, we went back to Our Lady of Carmelite Monastery to give thanks. You see I have prepared myself for laparoscopy since my doctor is quite positive about my condition before. But the test proved differently and we can really feel God making His way on this. HE is REALLY the best!


The moment we reached home, I crawled on the bed and rested. And after an hour, I think the effects of those pain relievers are little by little subsiding and I could feel muscle cramps on my abdomen. Oh boy, the pain this time is no longer tolerable - more than dysmenorrhea pain. I was advised to take Biogesic paracetamol if I would feel pain, so I did. I slept and I was hoping that the moment I wake up the pain is no longer there. But was I mistaken! I took Advil that night to relieve the pain. It's like all the muscles on my abdomen were stretched. I could not even distinguish if the pain is on my abdomen or stomach.

The next day, there was still pain. I called in sick since hubby asked me to take a rest and take a leave from work instead. Good thing I talked to our company nurse and she asked me to take Ponstan SF. That afternoon, the pain went down and I went to work. I have so much work to do at the office and I am already anticipating more leaves from work by next week.

So there, done with step 1.... and now ready for step 2! :)


Jean Marie said...

hi sis, hope everything's gonna turn out well. Naku, i'm scared as well kasi feeling ko i need some check ups like yours aswell though di pa naman ako nag eexpect ng baby anytime soon. I just want to find out if im capable or not. I super love babies pa naman. Im hoping one by next year. When my bf & i did it kasi, we're not in any protection but i didn't get pregnant. Kinabahan tuloy ako.

Mina said...

Delighted to know this procedure and of course, as always, am one of the people around who's just as excited as you are:) Lapit na yan girl!

Eds said...

That's good to here sis! At least ok ung uterus mo. And the next procedure will be more blissful than the first one because papasok na c baby sa tomb mo heheh :) God is really wonderful noh!

Wishin you all the luck sis! Take care and God Bless! :)

MiLeTTe said...

just reading your post makes me feel the pain you have gone through. pero i know wala sa u ung pain because maganda ang result. have a positive outcome and keep the faith! keep on praying. kasama ka prayers ko!

alpha said...

good luck to you and your hubby. keep the faith.

maanne said...

hello sis, im so happy for you, atlast you're done with step 1... grabe i can feel the pain, i became scared tuloy... its a good sign, im praying n tuloy-tuloy n yan!

good luck and god bless!

AiDiSan said...


Unbeatable ing determination yung Voks. I really wish you & Voks goodluck.

Annette said...

c0ngrats nagawa m0 na step 1. Hay nako, infertility tests/procedure are so expensive. Buti nalang ako na c0vered ng insurance dahil they f0und out na may ovarian cyst din ako bale sinabay nalang. Ewan ko ba bat may mga endometriosis pa n0h? Anyways, I wish y0u all the best! Sana this year na yan..

Mich said...

glad that everything turned out well sis! God is indeed great! hope wla ka ng cramps. God bless on step 2. :)

Arlene Tabamo said...

@jean marie - naku sis, this early mas maganda ng pa check up ka na din... it's better na prepared ka na when you get married especially if you want to have a baby na kaagad.

@ ate mina - hay ate mins sana nga lapit na... we're so excited na rin btw, thanks for sharing your cebu experience :)

@ eds - oo nga sis... thanks so much and i agree - God is really wonderful! :)

@ milette - naku sis masakit tlaga.. if kung ung mga nanganganak happy pag nakita ang baby after all the pain - ako naman i was so happy to know that everything is ok kahit grabe ung pain. hay.. praise God tlaga :)

@ alpha - thanks sis :)

@ maane - naku sis, it's all worth the pain. ung feeling na nabunutan ka ng isang tinik. hay, heaven kahit deep inside (sa may lower part) you can feel those cramps.., dont be scared sis. it's better to know the problem so that you can deal with it at ng magawan ng solution (i bet there is naman talga- advance na rin technology, and God is always there :)

@aidisan - dang, kailangan talga! if you want something then you just have to take the move (lalo na i know there is SOMEONE guiding us and we have friends and love ones who support us)

@annette - hay naku sis, kakainis talga yang endometriosis na yan! good for you at nacover ng health insurance mo.. us kasi di talga pwede dahil nga case is infertility... sana nga by this year, mabuo na rin... uv also been an inspiration after telling me your story :) thanks!

@ Mich - wala ng cramps sis and yes we really feel GOD working on us. Galing Nya talga... yes gow na for step 2! (tira tira! lols)

Cecile said...

what an experience!. i am so glad for you. now almost all is done. good luck on the next step.

mari said...

way to go mare... konting-konti na lang yan. keep the faith.
next posts natin, preggy issues na :)
we'll join you in praying for your gift pa rin.