Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Collector

I was chatting with a close friend, Mylene in the US when she told me that she has a new hobby. You see both of us were collectors of stationary, stamps, postcards, etc. when we were still young. And right now she told me that her new interest is collecting rare coins. Wow, I was really amazed! I think I have asked her millions of questions about this stuff. As you see I am quite interested.

The collector in me insists that I try it but the investor in me is having second thoughts since I know nothing with how to deal and bargain online (transactions usually happen online as Mylene lectured me earlier). She gave me a recommendation though for a start. She asked me to sign up for a free trial subscription with Monaco Rare Coin with their “The Rare Coin Insider”. She said that she relies mostly with the help of this company. I googled this rare coin dealer and was happy to know that they indeed have good reputation.

Wow, was I tempted to jump into this new hobby now! But before that I think I would need to talk with the hubby first. Would I really be hooked with this? Uh, lets wait and see.

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