Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Big Change

A close family friend is celebrating her birthday this June. And she said that this time she wants to celebrate it by doing some good things. I could remember she said: “I would donate my boat to charity.” At first I asked, “Whuaat?” Probably I am less informed with these boat donations – I didn’t even know that there is such a thing. It was just then that she explained to me her intentions. She has heard of this organization which helps you donate anything – say for instance car, boat, plane or house so that you would be able to help orphans, single moms or prisoners. You can choose which charity you want to help.

She came from a well-off family and she said that since she is turning 30 this May, she would just donate boats rather than spend big money for a one-time party. It’s so rare that I see her so serious. She said that sometimes, money is not everything. With that, I just have to agree. So this time around I would be helping her donate to Boat Angel. This is quite a different thing for us since for the last few years at this time, we are already busy planning for a big party that she would be throwing to her family and other friends. I think I really need to support her this time. She’s a changed woman and I am happy for that.

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