Tuesday, May 27, 2008

10 Things that Make me Happy

This is a tag from Mich. Sorry sis as in so delayed na to.

I have to post 10 things (and person daw) that make me happy.

So here are the things that make me happy:

1. God - He makes me happy because with HIM I know I'll find hope.

2. Hubby - He is the expert - he knows when is the right time to lift my spirit. Everyday with him is bliss.

3. My Parents - It's such a joy that I still have them in my life. They catch me literally and figuratively when I am about to fall.

4. Our jobs - Can't wait for paydays, these are the days that I really am so happy that we both (hubby and I) have jobs.

5. Our house - This really make me smile with pure happiness. Though it may not be big and would need a little more improvements, still I am so happy that we have worked hard for this dream. Nothing beats having and doing what you want when you are living on your own two (make that four including hubby's) feet.

6. Friends - Oh they really make me happy - from bonding time, bloopers, videoke time, name it -- they make life really funny.

7. The Internet - If I have nothing to do then I just have to turn on the computer, log in to my blog, friendster account or other forums or just surf the net and that would make my day--not to mention that there is also money in the Internet (grin).

8. Good food - When I am down, delicious foods - desserts especially will make me sooo happy.

9. Shopping - Of course this makes me happy but I think I would be happier if time will come that I would no longer look at the tags when buying (kelan kaya yon, lols).

10. Movies and TV shows - I love watching whether movies or tv shows, Tagalog or English. They really are great source of entertainment. Lobo, particularly makes me happy nowadays, hihihi!


Mich said...

thanks for playing along sis! there are lots of little things in life na nakakasaya talaga ano? :)

gadis said...

first thanks for GOD and my mother make me happy because she support me