Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yummy Milk Tea

Yes, I am an avid fan of milk tea. Just can't resist the taste! I used to drink coffee in the morning to perk me up but this time, I am just so in love with milk tea (whether it's cold or hot). It's actually my comfort drink this summer - with so much ice in it- haay winner talaga!

I think I was converted when I first tasted Nai Cha of Chowking. The only problem is that it has so much ice that it's just so bitin because after taking some sip, ubos na pala and you would see so much ice left in the glass. Aba, parang lugi ata, lols!

Then I also tasted the milk tea of SR Thai. I just dropped by one of their restos near UST (Dapitan branch) and ordered their tea. Aba for a price of about 30 pesos, sulit na! Their milk tea is the best considering the so cheap price.

Then there is also the thai milk tea of Banana Leaf. I love the glass and though it is already served in a tall glass, I ended up wishing that they would put it in a taller glass pa. Bitin pa din since it's so yummy!

And since it's not everyday that I get to taste these yummy milk tea from these food restos, I got an alternative. I am contented with the new Lipton Instant Milk Tea. Just tasted though the Original and the Gold flavor, not yet the Vanilla variant. Just make sure not to put in too much water and ice or else you would lose the flavor (matabang kasi). And now, I also tried the Galinco brand Nai Cha. This one is sweeter so it is advisable to put in much ice. And when my stash of instant milk tea run out, of course there should be an alternative. I go with the classic Lipton teabag and put in coffeemate or fresh milk just to cater to my milk tea cravings. Ano ba to? I am really a milk tea addict na, waaah!!!

My next target would be the Bubble Tea and MineShine (from 7-Eleven). Come on and share your own discovery of yummy milk tea para matikman ko din! :)

FYI, this is not a paid Lipton opps. :)


jeanny said...

I have tried the mineshine milk tea...at ang masasabi ko, ang sarap...refreshing. Try mo sis you'll love it...bibili nga ko bukas...



Eds said...

hmmm sarap ata nyan sis! i never tried one... will try it din :)

big-eyed-gal said...

You should also try Quickly's Red Milk Tea. It's one of their best-sellers. Unfortunately, not all branches daw have that plus laging ubos. Pero you have to try it! :-)

Mich said...

hi sis! ang sarap naman! i love milk tea too. you should try nga bubbletea it was yummy! try the almond milk tea. haaaay, i wish i could drink right now ang init pa naman :)

Arlene Tabamo said...

@jeanny - sis, i tried it na last saturday. it's refreshing and okay din. pero parang it's somehow on the matabang side.

@eds - try it sis. i have a friend who tired it and now he is also a converted milk tea drinker. :)

@big-eyed-gal - naku taro milk tea lang natry ko sa quickly. will try the red milk tea one of these days. thanks for the recommendation :)

@mich - i'll take note of that flavor sis! excited na rin ako matikaman yan. hihih

Tahn said...

I always loved the milk tea from Malaysia. But I never seemed to get it when I come back here. Zagu isn't nice. So I was ecstatic when I saw Bubble Tea at Mega. IMO, it's better than Nai Cha.

Ozy said...

I'm more of a Thai Ice Tea person when I go to Banana Leaf, but I'll give your suggestion a try. Nice picture btw.


dustbunny said...

try A simple life milk tea its located in the 2nd floor of the ust carpark / accountancy building... grabe the best tong milk tea na to promise maadict ka lalo hnd kana babalik sa lipton or maski sa sr thai!!! student ako sa ust kaya lagi ako nkkbili pero kht nmn cno pwd bumili doon! pagbumubili ako as in dinudumog ung bilihan nung milk tea! ganun xa kasarap! tpos suki pa dun mga doctors and med students meaning good for you tlga!!! try mo tlga!!! the best ito!!!