Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why I Love Him

Got tagged by Annette. Thanks for this . I got to appreciate Vox even more!

The Question:

What do you love the most about your husband/ partner?
  • He is worth fighting for.
  • He listens to me even if sometimes I get nonsense.
  • He understands me.
  • He loves me so much.
  • He changed for me - I tell you this is for the best and with his own willingness.
  • He didn't stop loving me - he loves me over and over again.
  • He understands my reasons for helping my siblings as well as my parents.
  • He can give me simple and little surprises that could mean so much to me.
  • He works hard for our future.
  • He stands firm on his principles.
  • He loves the people I love.
  • He makes me feel very special in his own little ways.
  • He cooks for me.
  • He always makes me understand the other side of the coin patiently (kahit matagal kc hardheaded monster ako)
  • He can make me laugh with his corny jokes.
  • He can make me cry with so much happiness and love.
  • He supports me with my career and other decisions.
  • He prioritizes me over his work (this I know, really).
  • He made me a better person.
  • He taught me so much things that I can proudly say that we grew up together as husband and wife.

Now I am tagging Maureen, Apols, Alpha, and Katrina.

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Avee said...

we are such lucky to have our partners.