Thursday, April 17, 2008

Still Here

Yes pips, I am still here. It's just that I got so lazy the past few days. See, 10 days have passed since my last post. So what kept me from blogging?

  • Less paid opps - so there, got lazy to tap the keyboard and compose a post - no need for a filler eh.
  • Got engrossed with surfing. The moment I sit down on my computer at home, all I did was surf about travel, food, restaurants, finances, fashion, infertility, adoption, pregnancy and business.
  • Writing gigs that I need to check and edit almost everyday.
  • My body seems to love the bed so much. I always look forward to long sleep or just relax while have my eyes on the boob tube.
So basically, it all boils down to being a lazy bone. I know that there are so many tags that I owe you blogger friends - I'll try my very best to answer them all. Also, to those who want to exchange link, promise I will check your blogs and add your links later.

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