Friday, April 25, 2008


After more than a year, I am feeling again backaches (used to be so mild only). The culprit – that hump at my right upper back.

My dextroscoliosis was first diagnosed when I was in college but was first noticed during high school. I remember the school doctor telling me then that it could just be a mild skeletal deformity since I am not feeling any pain at that time. But when I was in college, a cousin taking up physical therapy noticed it and helped us consult a doctor. So there it was found out that it is indeed scoliosis even if I did not really had those painful backaches.

As days go by, I observed that my shoulders are not really leveled – the right one is a bit higher. I am also feeling little by little those backaches caused by prolonged lying on my side or by carrying heavy things. I even got afraid then because I do not want to wear those braces to correct that bump at my back – I thought that is the only solution. Luckily, they did not prescribe me with those but I need to do rehabilitation. They gave me exercises not to really correct the deformity but to help me alleviate the pain. Doing those cat stance and other stretching exercises became part of my everyday rituals. Then aside from these exercises, I also need to go to the clinic (Perpetual Help) so that PTs can help me with other complicated exercises. Right now the only cure for these backaches - is my hon! He needs to rub my back or massage it a little so that I would be relieve from pain. I think it's also high time that I check out some foam toppers that are designed for those who have scoliosis.

The downside of having scoliosis:

  • Your body is unleveled - from shoulder to waist line to hips. In my case my right side is higher than the left.
  • There is a hump at my back - for me the curvature is C-shape. Mine is in the right side that is why when I wear body fit shirts/blouses, my crooked back is quite obvious. And sometimes the clothes don't fit perfectly - there is always a crease somewhere when there should be none (again because of the bump).
  • Mild to severe backaches. You would feel sharp pain in your back after prolonged standing or carrying heavy stuffs.
  • There are nights that you just don't know which position would you do when sleeping. There are certain positions that you get uncomfortable.
  • This, I haven't experience yet but they say these backaches as well as the uncomfortable feeling when lying down double when you get pregnant.


Eds said...

Yes sis mas masakit nun dahil sa weight ng baby, especially the last semester of preganancy.

Ang sakit sa likod at balakang..

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for you. No one can really understand back pain unless they have what you have. My daughter is 14, at age 12 had a 52 degree curvature and had surgery. We thought this would alleviate her chest and back pain. Did not, in fact she experiences all sorts of symptoms now. The rod on the right side of her back has a hook on it which caused her to have bursitis between her shoulder blade and spine, among other things, she was also diagnosed with migraines and costochondritis. Some days she cannot lift herself out of bed and has pain in her neck, arm, mid and low back. She used to be such and active and happy go lucky child. I am at my wits end trying to figure out how to manage her pain. Her curve is at 16 degrees now but her right side ribcage is noticeably more rounded than other side. We found that massage, as i am a massage therapist helps, and so does an electrical unit i hook up to her back, has four pads. Looking for others who might have similar symptoms, need answers. thanks for sharing. mice3