Sunday, April 6, 2008

One Hot Sunday

As I check on my posts, it seems that they are all tags, awards or paid opps. So for a change let me share a "real" post, lol!

For these past few days, my husband was actually telling me about checking out other subdivisions/villages that are being developed in Pampanga (there are a lot, actually) - in San Fernando, Bacolor and Angeles. So earlier, we tried to check one - we actually have to check another one in San Fernando but we run out of time since we still need to go to Sasmuan to fetch lola. We checked Xevera Homes. Of course, you won't be able to appreciate everything since they are still under construction but the idea that everything you wanted is all within your reach is really brilliant - the wet and dry market, the municipal hall, no tricycles (they have services inside the subdivision 24 hrs - so less ingay un), restos, swimming pool, function hall, schools (Montessori), and church are so near and are inside the subdivision. As hubby put it in, they would turn out as great investments in few years.

The townhouses are also small but again they are my husband's target (since as he mentioned nga - great investment daw). I actually loved checking the model houses - just like when we first search for our house. There are few things/designs that I think I would want to copy. They have actually managed to design the small space without really looking so small (kahit na so small sila talga). Here are some photos we took:

i like the wall - it's made out of planks of wood

love also the wall here, the color and the Indian touch of the interior design
and the TV pa (heheh)

taken at the hallway - they need to make use of mirrors to
create the illusion that the space is big

we enjoyed taking pix of our reflection in the mirror

sabi ni hubby - sarap daw magtambay dito, lols!

the fountain in front of the church

So there, nag tripping lang kami this one hot Sunday. Anyway, have a great weekend! :0)


mina said...

Hi Girl, thanks a lot for your support and in fairness, mig tripping kayu ne;) Love the pix!

AiDiSan said...


Ninu kayabe yu mig tripping, i Pao ba if not sumbung da

maanne said...

The place looks relaxing huh! Sarap siguro dyan...

by the way got a tag for u...


Eds said...

wer to banda sis and affordable ba sila?? :)

Have a nice day! :)