Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mac Games Addicts

Are you one of those? Some officemates of mine are just so addicted with mac games. We used to stay at our recreational hall, singing our hearts out during break time. This has been our way of unwinding after reviewing calls. But now, guess what? During break time, all they do is play mac games. I even saw them downloading free mac games once. Of course seeing all these commotions, I can not help but check out what they are up to.

Then out of curiosity, I asked hubby to download Airport Mania for Mac one day. My bad! Now, hubby is one mac game addict, too but am still not. Probably these online games are not for me.

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Joy said...

I'll check this site later on... will it take a lot of space if I download the games.. I'm very conscious on downloading stuff.. I know that Mac is protected with viruses ,, but I just dont want to overload my mac..

Hoping your having a good Summer.. keep yourself cool... See yah