Friday, April 18, 2008

Just When They Thought It Was Funny

I overheard the other night the news about a gay who was operated in Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu because of a cologne canister located at his rectum (I bet you all know this by now). Unfortunately, I did not catch the whole story. It was just earlier that I saw the clip at You Tube. My golly! I could not help but react with the unprofessional way of how these doctors and nurses behaved during the operation. They were laughing and making a big joke out of the sedated patient. SO wrong!

The way I understand it, each patient should have the right for privacy. Also there should be confidentiality with the patient's information and records. What these supposedly "professionals" should be doing is provide respectful and very considerate care due to their patients, especially in that case (since they were dealing with the private part of the patient). But of course, what they did? They feast on the “funny" scenario being presented to them.

Just when these doctors and nurses thought that what they were doing was funny, little (or total lack of it) did they think that they were the ones who looked so funny in this situation. The gay patient should not feel humiliated at all with what really happened but these medical practitioners should feel terribly humiliated! Shame on them! They deserve dismissal for breaking the code of conduct and ethical standards- that I hope will serve them right.

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