Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun!

I was just checking out the newly uploaded pictures we had during our swimming. And guess what? I am overly happy just thinking about the good time we had during the overnight swimming. Yes, it was quite short but definitely worth remembering. Kids and even the mommies and daddies really had fun. This actually happens so rarely since my sister's family is based in Batangas so they could not just go home to Pampanga often. That is why when my pamangkins took the vacation here, we did not think twice to come up with a simple family outing.

Villa Antonina Resort is actually near our place so at first we thought that we would just meet the whole family there. But they were bringing so many stuffs so my brother texted me that we need to pick up some of these things from my parents’ place. We arrived there at past 12 noon. Would you believe my pamagkins were getting really impatient? Little lang naman but they were telling us that they were ready to leave us and was telling their parents na: "Iwan na lang natin sina Tita Len and Tito Vox". Hay, they were really excited!

So we checked it at past 2 pm (Sunday) and of course, the kids changed to their swim wear right away. The daddies and the uncle were there to supervise the little fellows. We, the ladies on the other hand took the time to chitchat and just inspect the place. As soon as the heat of the sun became bearable, we also took the plunge and swam. The kids were really tired and went to bed early with their Mommy Dess (my mom) and Daddy Kong (my dad). So this gave us time to bond and be merry minus the babies. We enjoyed the videoke and my sister-in-laws antics! Panalo talga sis-in-law ko - she was the star of the night! hahah! Then we all went back to the pool and enjoyed it! We left the pool and took a rest when the guard gave us the queue that it was already time to clean the pool - so that was about 12 midnight na.

The next day, the kids woke up early and what else would they do? Of course soak up in the sun and swim. Though we all would not want this outing to end yet, we have no choice but prepare for check out comes 12 noon. Overall, the kids really had a great time and so all of us (even my parents were so happy). So next time, we are planning an outing at Batangas. We would all go to my ate's place naman for a change. Hope this would push through. :)

Here are some pics:

the pool

rare moments with daddy kong

cheska on her own

cute little monsters

grandpa and grandma with the lovely kids


would always want to wake up with this view
(cheska and my sister-just woke up!)

with hun and the pamangkins

our new house? lols!


Mich said...

hi sis! looks like you had so much fun! saan banda itong resort? for members only ba? the place looks really nice! :)

Arlene Tabamo said...

sis, it's just here in san fernando pampanga. it's open for everyone so you can try to visit the place and it's affordable, mich! :)

sasha said...

Looks like so much fun, Arlene! Dapat bukas kami naka-sked ng swimming kaso nagkasakit ang little girl ng bahay kaya ayun, postponed muna.

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! Pasensya na kung di madalas makadalaw :)

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