Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Friend in Rome

A close friend of mine called this morning. I was actually surprised to know that she was assigned to Italy for 3 months now. She told me that things happened so fast that she did not have the time to let us know – until today. All I can say is that I am really so happy for my friend. She deserves it after all. She have worked her way to becoming a certified public accountant, then getting a senior position in an auditing firm here in the Philippines and now she will make her marks in Italy.

We’ve been so hooked with our chitchats and would you believe that she wants us (hubby, me and another close friend of ours) to come and visit her? She said that we can stay in her Rome apartment if we want to. She said that she can then tour us in Florence where we could check in Hotel Florence – she knows I love getting to check in in different hotels. Then of course, there is Venice. She said that this place is a must for couples just like me and my hubby. Personally, I love Venice and can’t wait to check Hotel Venice. I am really a sucker for good hotel accommodations as you can see. Waaah, how I wish getting a tourist visa would be easy so that we can visit her.

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