Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Which is Which?

I could not help but smile when I heard auntie asking this one. I told you just like Uncle Eddie, this auntie of ours is just as addictive to casino games. I think it’s still jet lag that is why she could not sleep in the morning and that is the reason why she was itching to go to the casino. The problem is we could not accompany her to the casinos here in our place since we are all going to the office for our jobs. So the solution we came up with is to introduce her instead to online casino (just like Uncle Eddie).

And where does that question comes in? We found one site that would definitely help her – it’s the Online Casino List. I think she could not choose from the many reviews that swamped before her that is why she is asking us which online casino to choose from. Though confused, she told us that this site is really the best. Imagine, she could actually choose from the reliable reviews that are available in the site. They review different online casinos in terms of bonuses, security, payout time and many more. And what she loved most about it? The site has actually beginner’s guide for those that are new to online casino.

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