Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's keeping me sane these past few days

When I was in high school I loved reading Sweet Dreams pocketbooks. I think we got a great collection of those, thanks to my sister she loves them too. So you see, right now I seldom get the chance to read those mushy, romantic stories. Probably because I no longer have the time to read them and probably because in my opinion, I have outgrown that love for these teenage love stories (so I thought, heehee).

But then last Sunday morning, while blogging, I tried to check out my favorite forum which is Girltalk. I browse through the topic Cafe Erato which actually features different writing masterpieces of the girltakers. And then, I get to check out threads that have these romantic stories about teenage love stories as well as some for matured 20's or so. It was quite a great feeling to read through these stories and then feel and bring back those "kilig" feelings. I think I finished three of them. They kept me sane while being bored doing nothing (Correction pala: not really nothing kasi there is blogging naman).

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anyfreebies@gmail.com said...

whaaaaaa...buri ke din sweet dreams!