Sunday, March 9, 2008

One of My Dreams

I bet most women would dream that they would attend a fashion school in New York and would become a popular fashion designer. Oh well, at least for me, that is one of my wildest dreams. I love fashion and though I am on the classical (but definitely not boring) side, I do not fail to update myself with what is in and what is out. Since New York is the fashion capital, I always wanted to study in any of the New York fashion schools. I think it would really be fun experimenting, mixing and matching different clothes but of course, if given the chance, I would not just want to settle for any fashion school.

You see the more I write about this dream, the more I wanted to really check out fashion schools New York. Oh my, do you think my hubby would be willing to send me to any of these? I think fashion is a good business and of course, being dubbed as a fashion designer is like being leveled with other well known designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Coco Channel or Donna Karan. Though I know it is quite expensive to study in fashion schools in New York to make this dream come true, this I assure you. I am still willing to pursue this dream of being a fashion designer, by hook or by crook!

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