Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My Domain Registration

I have been thinking about this. It seems that I am really enjoying blogging so much and now it’s high time that I would want to register my own domain name. Right now, it is very important to have your own domain that you can actually call your own home here in cyberspace. A fellow blogger told me that I can register my own domain name by going to Payless Domains.

So with my eagerness to register my own domain name, I checked it out and I was so glad to know that with this site, I can virtually register my domain name and get some extras on the side like free email hosting, domain name parking, URL forwarding, customer support as well as fast domain approval. This site surely is a pack one pack all deal. All you need about domain registration is all there. No need to hassle yourself with other things. And one thing I should not miss with this domain registration site – it’s offering a cheap price for owning your own domain!

I think registering my own domain name will come quickly than I thought. And who knows? I could even get hubby one after mine since he is now planning on putting in his own online business.

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