Friday, March 14, 2008

Miss My Friends

I am very much happy with how things are going on this first half of the month. And much happier since I got to keep in touch with my friends. It was the first week of March when Janelle, a friend who lives now in US called me early morning (read: madaling araw kaya) and said that our other friend Rouge was with her right at that moment. I got excited and at the same time quite sad since I wish I could go there too. And then they called back again in the afternoon and this time, it was a four-way (or three, I don't know) call. It was the very first time after 7 years that we (the four of us - Irish, Janelle, Rouge and me) got to talk and gossip. Oh, it was the best. I think we talked for more than an hour and that is why Janelle was telling us that "ang mahal naman nating magbonding". After we talked, my heart really ached for them - I terribly miss bonding with these girls.

And then, last night as soon as I was done submitting my projects, I logged into YM. I was so happy to catch a childhood friend, Mau (she's a nurse now in Vallejo, Ca) online. We talked about our family, our baby making projects (same case - childless for X yearssss), our challenges and joys. When we were about to say our goodbyes to each other, I can't help but become teary eyed (she too since she said so).

Whether you are happy, sad, burdened or just anything, it is really good to have to turn to some friends who really know you and would eventually know what is the best thing to say to make you feel better. And now that we do not have much time to be together and since most of them are already living in different countries, I really treasure these rare moments that we get to fill each other with updates on our lives (and gossip some more, hehehe).

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