Friday, March 21, 2008

Holy Week

Here is how we are spending the Holy Week.

Holy Wednesday

I went to the office to work. Then after work, I went to Globe to deposit the salary of the writers. I wasn't feeling so well by that time (parang nausog or nabati ata ako). We just ordered pizza and hot wings from Yellow Cab for our dinner. It's just me and hubby since the house help as well as lola already went home to Sasmuan.I just finished some writing jobs and went to sleep early.

the perfect dinner for a tired working wife!

Maundy Thursday

We woke up late and packed right away since we would be going home to my parents' place in Sto. Tomas Pampanga. But before going there, we dropped by our neighbor who we call "mother". She came home from the US and we tried to update ourselves with what happened with her almost 2 years stay in the US. The conversation took longer that is why we reached our parents' home past 1 pm. Imagine, we did not have our lunch yet since hubby would want to eat totoong food daw (which means lutong bahay). Didn't I mention that we enjoyed eating Indian mangoes (my father has mango trees in the backyard) with bagoong? We picked them ourselves and it was so delicious!

sa ilalim ng punong mangga

the mango tree and the fish pond

Good Friday

Husband went off to Sasmuan to be with his childhood friends. I let him go there by himself so that hew would enjoy this time catching up with his friends. Also, since I still have some work to do - there are some paid opps and other writing assignments for me.

So far that is for our Holy Week. It is also the first time that we didn't have our Visita Iglesia. I think we just want to rest and enjoy this vacation.


AiDiSan said...

Aba Jo, magpasweldo na ka ngeni, bonggacious!!! Pwedi mag apply writer mo? lol

Happy Easter!!!

Precious said...

nice pic. Ang sarap ng mga mangga :)

Lisa said...

I miss the mangoes in PI. My hubby love mangoes and it's expensive here in the US. We have 8 mango trees in PI and they're all bearing fruits.
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