Saturday, March 15, 2008

Going Home

Tomorrow, we would be going home to my mother and father's place. Though they live about an hour away from us, I still feel excited every time I know that we would have a sleep over to this place that I used to love so much (of course, this changed when we got our own home). I am looking forward actually to so many things, like...

  • mom's cooking - authentic Kapampangan dishes indeed!
  • gossiping with my mom and my sister-in-law - i need some updates with what is happening in our neighborhood (hehehe)
  • so cutie pamangkins - I love talking to them. I do not see any age gap when talking to these fellows - parang matanda kung magreason out. :)
  • the fresh air - love to see the ponds at the back of the house, it's just so refreshing!


jane said...

uy same pla tayo. whenever i go home (pamp), i look forward to tsimsis session with my mom hehe

Shemah said...

Yeah.. it's great having your family around, isn't it?? My sister who lives far away from us came back for 2 months and it was a blast!

I'm still living with mom, though.. she can't bear to have her grandkids apart.. but once we move out.. I will definitely miss mom's cooking.. and the family chatters!! :)

Anyways, great blog you have here. Came here through, Arlene's (MidLifeDancing) blog! Well, have a nice day! Ingat!