Friday, March 14, 2008

Forgetfullness Strikes Again

Yes, that is so true! It happened last night. Right after office hours, I ran out to go to SM Clark for our groceries. Hubby will just meet me there. Aside from my bag, I was bringing 2 blouses which I bought from an officemate. Naturally, I deposited that bag containing the blouses then went to my pending task. We had paid the stuffs we got and then went home. We had dinner and then when I was about to change my clothes, I felt a hard card at my back pocket. And it was just then that I realized that I have forgotten about the baggage that I deposited. Oh my! It was already close to 9 PM so we have no choice but wait for today to go back and claim the forgotten baggage.

Yeah, I know I think I got to go and buy memory plus right at this moment. Those supplements I hope will help. Waaaaahhhh!

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