Friday, March 14, 2008

Check Up

I am scheduled for my check up this day. I filed a leave at work but my ob gyne is not here in the Philippines. She went to Australia. Though the secretary mentioned that I can still go to UST since there is another doctor that would attend to me, still I could not push myself to get dressed and go to Manila.

Actually, I am lazy to go there since I know that the doctor would just tell me that I need another ultrasound to know if I am ovulating - which is I am (and as per the many ultrasounds I had in the past). We need to wait first for hubby's blood (serum) test results, which were delayed because he needed to go to Tuguegarao for 5 days. Hubby told me that we would just go to UST on Monday. I just hope my OB gyne would already be here by that time. I remembered she told me that hubby needs to have his work ups also so that we can start from there.

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Vina said...

hi arlene. who's ur ob in ust? i gave birth in ust.