Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Celebration

If you have read this, then you know that we had a simple celebration last March 6. It was really simple - hubby fetched me from work and then we went straight to Cafe Mesa at Clark. Actually, this coffee house is just a few meters away from our office. The cafe is quite new and we just want to try it out. Husband fell in love with the ambiance - we chose to stay outside since hubby wanted to be one with nature while eating (they have tables set under the 100 years old trees in the area). Our spot was overlooking the Parade Grounds at Stotsenberg Park and then the night was quite cold so we really had a great time just chillin out on this peaceful cafe.

I read that this cafe serves Japanese brand of UCC coffee (the owner is Japanese). So I tried their coffee but mine was iced UCC Sumiyake coffee. Actually, I do not know what is the difference with the other coffee but nonetheless, the coffee tasted great. Then not too long we spotted some politicians dining at the cafe, too. There was Pampanga congressman Lazatin and Mabalacat mayor Boking Morales.

I think we would go back to Cafe Mesa but next time, we will try their breakfast. Hubby would want to eat there after a weekend jogging in the Parade Grounds - that is if we wake up early on a weekend, heheh!

us :)

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