Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cause Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

Remember when you held me tight and you kissed me all through the night… Now, you are singing! I just heard this song earlier (a neighbor was playing it). I can’t help but find myself singing along, too. Of course, it’s an old song but come to think of it, it’s so true!

A break up is the very last thing you want to happen in any relationship. And probably most of us have an experience of this sort. I could vividly remember comforting my best friend when she broke up with his boyfriend recently. The break up hurt her so much that she thought she could never recover. I think that is the initial reaction – the thought of your whole world is crumbling down into tiny bits of pieces. And the more you think about what you’ve been through with this person, the more you feel the pain is overcoming your whole being.

Oh, so much for all those pains of breaking up. That is just but natural. But after all of those hurting and bad memories, you can still go on with life and guess what? A little time will heal all those wounds and you can start loving again. I think that is the best thing about breaking up and getting back together – even when you’ve been hurt, you could not just stop to let this intense feeling shows.

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