Tuesday, March 11, 2008

9 More Hours...

Yep, it would be just 9 hours and hubby would already be home. I just can't wait! I have been counting the hours now. Am I overreacting? I do not really care. It's not as if he went to some other country, goodness that is just Tuguegarao but still I missed him already. Probably because it was the first weekend that we were not together. Weekends are usually those "quality time" with each other, but last weekend was quite different. Again, because he was not with me.

Anyway, this would just happen once every two months. I just hope there would be few conventions and seminars (that would require 2 to 3 days) in between. And I bet we will make "bawi" this weekend - long weekend actually (from Fri to Mon).

Okay, as for the count down - it's more or less 8 hours and 45 minutes. ~kulit, heheh~

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