Sunday, March 30, 2008

The New Me

Hihihi! It's summer and I think short hair is in. I just could not afford a very short one so here is what I call "my own summer look"... but some say it's the daisy look daw - as in deysisyete! hahaha!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Certified Girly Blog

Yahooo! I am really so happy for this award given by Anyfreebies. I really appreciate it! It's really good to know that your readers appreciate your efforts. Again, thank you so much!

Please check here to know about the other awards given by Anyfreebies. You might be the next! :)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

High School Life

Thanks Eds for this tag. Hay, it's good to look back and reminisce....

THINK BACK TO 4th year high school… Let’s see how much you remember and how much you regret..

What section were you?

Who were your seatmates?
~As much as I can remember - si Lian(Emiliana Galang), si Marnie (Marnie Espiritu), si KC (Kerlynne Maliwat). Then since palaging chinachange ung places namin me time din na sina Charm (Charminia Pangan), Auggie (Auggie Ocampo) and ung iba di ko na matandaan kasi ito lang ung mga natatandaan ko na kinopyahan ko :)

Still remember your English teacher?
~ 4th year? Di ko na ata alam - pero alam ko naging teacher ko sa English, si Mrs. Ocampo, Ms. Magbag and si bulldog (ano nga kasi name nito) now i know her name pala is Ms. Pangilinan and our English teacher then is Mrs. Celis (thanks to my sister and Marie for reminding me!)

What was your first class?
~ Physics ata under ke mommy

Made friends to the lower years?
~ Yep

How was your class schedule?
~ 7:45 to 3:45

Made any enemies?
~ I hope none, heheh

Who was your favorite teacher?
~ I have 3 - Ms. Tanhueco (adviser namin eh - so cool!), Ms. Paraluli got corrected here - it's Ms. Paruli (tama ba, ung payat na science teacher), and si trigo teacher - si Mr.Pangilinan

What sport did you play?
~ None, not into sports talga

Were you a party animal?
~ Not really

Were you well known in your school?
~ Siguro - I have been voted as the High Assembly (student council) Auditor back then so baka nga

~ Yes, because we need to finish the props for the school play competition -- pero saya non kasi dami namin na nag skip ng class :)

Did you get suspended/expelled?
~ Thank God di naman

Can you sing the alma mater?
~ Yup, mas alam ko pa nga til now to kesa sa college hymn

What was your favorite subject?
~ Math forever

Did you go to the dances?
~ school dance, you mean? naku, strict ang mga madre - good thing nga pinayagan na magka JS prom (once lang ata to after a long long time na walang JS) - un lang ang inattendan ko

Where did you go most often during breaks?
~ Canteen,corridors, tiled area and sa High Assembly office

What did you do on the last day of school?
~ gave letters, cried, practiced for the last time for the graduation ceremonies

So let's hear from Ads, Minette, Alpha, Mich, Jody and Vina

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Badly Want a Vacation!

I know that the vacation is not yet finished at least not until 12 midnight. But you know what, I really want a vacation - a vacation that I and hubby could enjoy to the max. Actually, we are planning to go somewhere in Asia. I think Singapore will be a great start since it is a small country. Also, it would be best to be there at the Great Singapore Sale, don’t you think? Probably I could buy my laptop (at a great discount) so that I can do more writing gigs. The problem is the hassle of booking and canvassing prices for flights and hotels for this tour. Added to this of course, are the activities that we would do during our stay in this country.

Good thing, a friend of mine referred me to She told me that if I want to have a vacation package that includes hotel reservations as well as great activities, then is the best place to check into. The site also offers a lot of hotel discounts so that you can maximize your budget when you travel. I think that is the best thing about booking it online through this site. Every thing a traveler needs would all be in this site. There are car rentals also that are available. All you need to do is just provide your pick up and drop off time and date, as well as the destination and the car type that you wanted.

Now, I think I really want a vacation and another one and another more. If booking is as easy as it is with, then I think I would not grow tired of planning a vacation after another. I could book a flight, a good hotel, cars and get great discounts in just a click of my mouse.

The Night Fall

the wonderful sight at my parents' backyard

It's just amazing how nature can play with different hues during dusk. Got these pictures last Thursday.

What’s Cooking?

Mom has always been the great cook. Since I can remember, she was always been the one attending for our food even if we have house help. She is the queen of kitchen(and she just knows that). Unfortunately, I am not as good as my mom. Yep, I can cook some but of course, I still need a lot of things to learn.

So finally, I thought that going to a chef school would be a great idea. And of course, right now getting the best of everything starts online. So I checked some sites and I got Oh boy, I got a ton of culinary schools to choose from -from French, Italian, Mexican, Thai Cooking , Baking or even hotel management – all of these, you can find in that site.

Now all I need to do is to choose one culinary school from these. And who knows, in no time I could be as good as mom is!

Back to the Real World

I think that is the case right now. We are back here at home and back to the real world - that is blogging, office works, writing gigs and more! While on vacation, I tried to squeeze in a little of blogging since those opps are about to expire but really, all I wanted to do was just sit around and talk with my titas, titos, sisters, mother and father as well as eat and eat. Every Easter Sunday is the fiesta in our barrio and of course, it is also the time for family reunions. Though not all of our relatives came home, still we enjoyed the chismis, the reminiscing, the kulitans and the laughs.

As I write this post, I can't help but think about already of those calls I still need to review as well as some papers I need to attend to in these coming days. Hay - tapos na talga ang bakasyon!!! So better shake and try to convince myself that we need to get back to the real world(whether I like it or not!).

Friday, March 21, 2008

More About Fashion Schools in California

When I was a kid, I always wanted to get dressed up and walk like a ramp model. And then when I was about to go to high school, I was actually designing clothes for my paper doll. So as you can see, being in fashion industry has been one of those childhood dreams. That is why when I saw these fashion schools in California my interest grew.

I know that getting a great education in one of the fashion school in California would give me an advantage should I pursue this dream. But then again, we would need to check our budget so that I could get to any of the fashion schools in Los Angeles. Would this dream come into reality? Lets wait and see…

Holy Week

Here is how we are spending the Holy Week.

Holy Wednesday

I went to the office to work. Then after work, I went to Globe to deposit the salary of the writers. I wasn't feeling so well by that time (parang nausog or nabati ata ako). We just ordered pizza and hot wings from Yellow Cab for our dinner. It's just me and hubby since the house help as well as lola already went home to Sasmuan.I just finished some writing jobs and went to sleep early.

the perfect dinner for a tired working wife!

Maundy Thursday

We woke up late and packed right away since we would be going home to my parents' place in Sto. Tomas Pampanga. But before going there, we dropped by our neighbor who we call "mother". She came home from the US and we tried to update ourselves with what happened with her almost 2 years stay in the US. The conversation took longer that is why we reached our parents' home past 1 pm. Imagine, we did not have our lunch yet since hubby would want to eat totoong food daw (which means lutong bahay). Didn't I mention that we enjoyed eating Indian mangoes (my father has mango trees in the backyard) with bagoong? We picked them ourselves and it was so delicious!

sa ilalim ng punong mangga

the mango tree and the fish pond

Good Friday

Husband went off to Sasmuan to be with his childhood friends. I let him go there by himself so that hew would enjoy this time catching up with his friends. Also, since I still have some work to do - there are some paid opps and other writing assignments for me.

So far that is for our Holy Week. It is also the first time that we didn't have our Visita Iglesia. I think we just want to rest and enjoy this vacation.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

One of a Kind Casino Experience

If you want a real entertainment and a solid casino experience, then you should have known about the popular online casino Rushmore. It is a one of a kind experience since most of their staff prioritize that you get the outmost experience online. They make sure that you are playing in a secured environment.

And do you know what is best with this site? They also give the best blackjack Rushmore game that you will never find in any other online casino. Now, don’t you think that isn’t a one of a kind casino experience?

The Longes Human Line

Here's a tag from Aileen, thanks!

Here's the rule:

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Abie - Journey to Life

Abie - MyPlanetPurple


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I am tagging Melisse, Arlene, Mari.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bad Credit? No Need to Worry!

It could happen that you have been so careless and missed on your loans or credit card payments. Of course that would lead to bad credit. And definitely, that would mean no more financial companies would trust you and would approve your loans. But what if you finally saw the house that you have been dreaming of for ages and that this is the perfect time to get it? Would you just stand next to the house and hope that a magic genie would come and give the house to you? I suggest that you do not do that. Why not go the nearest computer and check out Bad Credit Offers?

You see with Bad Credit Offers, you can actually get bad credit loans! The car or the house that you have been dreaming of can be yours, the financial help that you wanted after being on a bad credit would come to you just as you wanted. All you have to do is type on your address bar and that’s it!

What Does Your Birth Date Mean For Your Love Life?

Your Birthdate: May 4
You don't love lightly. For you, love is always a serious undertaking.
However, you are able to love many types of people. You can bring out the best in almost anyone.
Love surprises you often. You never know when or where you'll find it next.

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 2

Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 2

You are most compatible with people born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st of the month.

I just saw this one from Alpha's blog and wanted to try it. Oh my! I got the shock of my life! (hmmm, exaggerated syemps!) But really I think they are quite true, like:

  • I really do take love seriously
  • Surprises - I just love surprises (whether the surprise is for me or I am the one making surprises for others)
  • True loves - Yep I had 2 that is my hubby and again him for the 2nd time!
  • I am compatible with that guy born on the 22nd (that's hubby, oh yes!)
If you want to try this test, click here.

LifeLock: Your Life Security

Many times, we hear so much about theft associated with killings and other heinous crimes. Scary isn’t? With hunger and oppression so rampant these days, people tend to do these crimes just to survive the day-to-day needs. As much as we want to blame them for having a life like that, we are just too helpless to make a big difference. And what is there that you can do to make sure that your children, your loved ones and your hard earn belongings be safeguarded? It’s easy – you just need LifeLock.

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You see, securing your life, your family and your belongings need not be so expensive. You can get all these from LifeLock.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Going Home

Tomorrow, we would be going home to my mother and father's place. Though they live about an hour away from us, I still feel excited every time I know that we would have a sleep over to this place that I used to love so much (of course, this changed when we got our own home). I am looking forward actually to so many things, like...

  • mom's cooking - authentic Kapampangan dishes indeed!
  • gossiping with my mom and my sister-in-law - i need some updates with what is happening in our neighborhood (hehehe)
  • so cutie pamangkins - I love talking to them. I do not see any age gap when talking to these fellows - parang matanda kung magreason out. :)
  • the fresh air - love to see the ponds at the back of the house, it's just so refreshing!

Cause Breaking Up is Hard to Do…

Remember when you held me tight and you kissed me all through the night… Now, you are singing! I just heard this song earlier (a neighbor was playing it). I can’t help but find myself singing along, too. Of course, it’s an old song but come to think of it, it’s so true!

A break up is the very last thing you want to happen in any relationship. And probably most of us have an experience of this sort. I could vividly remember comforting my best friend when she broke up with his boyfriend recently. The break up hurt her so much that she thought she could never recover. I think that is the initial reaction – the thought of your whole world is crumbling down into tiny bits of pieces. And the more you think about what you’ve been through with this person, the more you feel the pain is overcoming your whole being.

Oh, so much for all those pains of breaking up. That is just but natural. But after all of those hurting and bad memories, you can still go on with life and guess what? A little time will heal all those wounds and you can start loving again. I think that is the best thing about breaking up and getting back together – even when you’ve been hurt, you could not just stop to let this intense feeling shows.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Check Up

I am scheduled for my check up this day. I filed a leave at work but my ob gyne is not here in the Philippines. She went to Australia. Though the secretary mentioned that I can still go to UST since there is another doctor that would attend to me, still I could not push myself to get dressed and go to Manila.

Actually, I am lazy to go there since I know that the doctor would just tell me that I need another ultrasound to know if I am ovulating - which is I am (and as per the many ultrasounds I had in the past). We need to wait first for hubby's blood (serum) test results, which were delayed because he needed to go to Tuguegarao for 5 days. Hubby told me that we would just go to UST on Monday. I just hope my OB gyne would already be here by that time. I remembered she told me that hubby needs to have his work ups also so that we can start from there.

Air Ambulance for Saving Life

It is quite inevitable to get into medical emergencies especially if you have relatives who are suffering from diseases. And when those unforeseen events come into your life, you must be ready. By now, you should know about! It is the perfect cyberspace hub to get more information about medical emergencies.

In my opinion, if a loved one gets caught in an emergency situation, I would rather employ this air ambulance service provided by It is the safest way to make sure that your loved one will be able to get safe and fast to the hospital or back to your home. Remember, you are saving a life here and you should not trust anyone else. You do not even have to worry since Air Ambulance has a medical team who could help and assist you throughout the flight. They make sure that you and your loved one will have a smooth and worry free travel going to and fro the hospital. They also have the most up to date medical equipments that would be needed depending on the condition of the patient.

So even before you get caught in a medical emergency, I suggest that you check so that you would be able to get the information you need for health care services that are being offered.

Miss My Friends

I am very much happy with how things are going on this first half of the month. And much happier since I got to keep in touch with my friends. It was the first week of March when Janelle, a friend who lives now in US called me early morning (read: madaling araw kaya) and said that our other friend Rouge was with her right at that moment. I got excited and at the same time quite sad since I wish I could go there too. And then they called back again in the afternoon and this time, it was a four-way (or three, I don't know) call. It was the very first time after 7 years that we (the four of us - Irish, Janelle, Rouge and me) got to talk and gossip. Oh, it was the best. I think we talked for more than an hour and that is why Janelle was telling us that "ang mahal naman nating magbonding". After we talked, my heart really ached for them - I terribly miss bonding with these girls.

And then, last night as soon as I was done submitting my projects, I logged into YM. I was so happy to catch a childhood friend, Mau (she's a nurse now in Vallejo, Ca) online. We talked about our family, our baby making projects (same case - childless for X yearssss), our challenges and joys. When we were about to say our goodbyes to each other, I can't help but become teary eyed (she too since she said so).

Whether you are happy, sad, burdened or just anything, it is really good to have to turn to some friends who really know you and would eventually know what is the best thing to say to make you feel better. And now that we do not have much time to be together and since most of them are already living in different countries, I really treasure these rare moments that we get to fill each other with updates on our lives (and gossip some more, hehehe).

The Search is Over…

That is for the best online casino. You really need not look for anywhere else since you can get everything you wanted to start and enjoy playing online casino at Online Casino Links. All the reviews that you want to know are there – from the best online casino that were voted by the players, the online casino that gives the best bonuses and the most voted/visited online casino. You can also see in the listings the different sites that accept US players.

The site is even designed to give you ease of navigation. You can find casino online information that are very important such as the FAQ’s, the beginners guide, gambling tips and online casino softwares. They have also provided different tabs for the games that you may play. From there, you can easily select the best online site that would give you the most entertaining game experience ever. Everything you need is all at Online Casino Links, so stop the quest now. Your search for the best online casino reviews should now be over.

Forgetfullness Strikes Again

Yes, that is so true! It happened last night. Right after office hours, I ran out to go to SM Clark for our groceries. Hubby will just meet me there. Aside from my bag, I was bringing 2 blouses which I bought from an officemate. Naturally, I deposited that bag containing the blouses then went to my pending task. We had paid the stuffs we got and then went home. We had dinner and then when I was about to change my clothes, I felt a hard card at my back pocket. And it was just then that I realized that I have forgotten about the baggage that I deposited. Oh my! It was already close to 9 PM so we have no choice but wait for today to go back and claim the forgotten baggage.

Yeah, I know I think I got to go and buy memory plus right at this moment. Those supplements I hope will help. Waaaaahhhh!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

There is Still Hope

Yep, that is absolutely right. It is very common for people to get different loans just to make sure that they would be able to achieve all their dreams. Of course, the intention is good but there are some people who end up getting a bad credit for missing on these loan payments. And when the pressing time for applying for a credit card or a loan comes, you have no choice but eat your pride and accept that these financial institutions will not approve you.

But like I mentioned, there is still a big hope! Cheer up because there is still They can actually help you apply for a bad credit credit card. So when you think that there is no hope because of bad credit, stop sulking and visit right away. They are the only solution for your financial needs.

So Many Awards

Yey! Maanne just made my day! Look at all these awards.... Thanks so much sis!

I'll be giving these awards to...

My Domain Registration

I have been thinking about this. It seems that I am really enjoying blogging so much and now it’s high time that I would want to register my own domain name. Right now, it is very important to have your own domain that you can actually call your own home here in cyberspace. A fellow blogger told me that I can register my own domain name by going to Payless Domains.

So with my eagerness to register my own domain name, I checked it out and I was so glad to know that with this site, I can virtually register my domain name and get some extras on the side like free email hosting, domain name parking, URL forwarding, customer support as well as fast domain approval. This site surely is a pack one pack all deal. All you need about domain registration is all there. No need to hassle yourself with other things. And one thing I should not miss with this domain registration site – it’s offering a cheap price for owning your own domain!

I think registering my own domain name will come quickly than I thought. And who knows? I could even get hubby one after mine since he is now planning on putting in his own online business.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Whenever you look for photos in friendster, my space, facebook, multiply, flickers, web shots or any photo gallery, you would definitely see a shot where people jump. Oh well, it is really amazing how the camera can capture people floating in the air. And so we also joined the caravan. Here is our attempt for a jump shot last Friday at 6 AM (maaga kaming hyper). Unfortunately, we failed. It's either we were not very cooperative or the one taking the picture was the problem (peace Gero!).

photo layout courtesy of Minette

Which is Which?

I could not help but smile when I heard auntie asking this one. I told you just like Uncle Eddie, this auntie of ours is just as addictive to casino games. I think it’s still jet lag that is why she could not sleep in the morning and that is the reason why she was itching to go to the casino. The problem is we could not accompany her to the casinos here in our place since we are all going to the office for our jobs. So the solution we came up with is to introduce her instead to online casino (just like Uncle Eddie).

And where does that question comes in? We found one site that would definitely help her – it’s the Online Casino List. I think she could not choose from the many reviews that swamped before her that is why she is asking us which online casino to choose from. Though confused, she told us that this site is really the best. Imagine, she could actually choose from the reliable reviews that are available in the site. They review different online casinos in terms of bonuses, security, payout time and many more. And what she loved most about it? The site has actually beginner’s guide for those that are new to online casino.

One Hungry Wolf

I used to read this phrase in some blogs I get to visit online. It was just one thing I hope would happen to me. And right now, I am just happy to say that I am one mad hungry wolf (ala Waya - mga puting lobo, ala Ulay, ala Lyka). You can't really help it pala if you see those colors turn to yellow and then find some opps that are readily available for your taking.

So bear me with me. I am just starting with this fabulous and "glamorous"(ows? it really is?) hobby. There are more to come, I hope! :)

I Want to Try It Now

Yes, I want to try it now – that is online slots. This is how it all started: Hubby’s auntie came home from the United States and she treated us to a sumptuous dinner. After that we joined her in the casino. Of course, I am not really into casino. So what is there that is so easy to play? It is the slot machine. I tried it and oh boy, it was addictive! I never thought that I would love playing slots.

And since I do not really have the time to go to the casino and play slots, I resorted to playing it online. I am grateful that there is Online Slots City. You see, I could just plug in the computer, check online slots machine sites and sit comfortably while I get entertained with this engaging game. Oh life has never been this so easy and so fun! Online Slots City also made it convenient for us to check out different reviews of online slots sites that are giving the best payouts as well as best bonuses.

You see if you enjoyed playing in a casino house, then you would surely love playing online. It’s much fun, you know!

What's keeping me sane these past few days

When I was in high school I loved reading Sweet Dreams pocketbooks. I think we got a great collection of those, thanks to my sister she loves them too. So you see, right now I seldom get the chance to read those mushy, romantic stories. Probably because I no longer have the time to read them and probably because in my opinion, I have outgrown that love for these teenage love stories (so I thought, heehee).

But then last Sunday morning, while blogging, I tried to check out my favorite forum which is Girltalk. I browse through the topic Cafe Erato which actually features different writing masterpieces of the girltakers. And then, I get to check out threads that have these romantic stories about teenage love stories as well as some for matured 20's or so. It was quite a great feeling to read through these stories and then feel and bring back those "kilig" feelings. I think I finished three of them. They kept me sane while being bored doing nothing (Correction pala: not really nothing kasi there is blogging naman).

Thanks to Mortgages

Four years ago, we made the greatest and smartest move in our life. We always dream of having our own house where we can relax and build a family of our own. And this dream became a reality because of mortgage. Yes, I might say that this was the smartest move we made. Just imagine, with the radical changes in this world, people need to struggle hard just to survive. And if you want to get something, then you need to know how to finance it. Mortgages can really help you. In our case, we have bought the most precious possession we have because of mortgage and we know that we can still invest more in some real estate properties through mortgage.

We are planning to actually buy a real estate in Tagaytay. And as early as now, we are already planning on how we would go about with our mortgage. Thanks to the Internet and there is Money Magic. Through them, we can get a free mortgage quote. This is a good thing since we know that some companies would require you to pay just for a mortgage quote service, but with them, you could get that service free of charge. I am getting excited as early as now. Truly, I can say that I am really thankful for mortgages. They make our dreams come true!

9 More Hours...

Yep, it would be just 9 hours and hubby would already be home. I just can't wait! I have been counting the hours now. Am I overreacting? I do not really care. It's not as if he went to some other country, goodness that is just Tuguegarao but still I missed him already. Probably because it was the first weekend that we were not together. Weekends are usually those "quality time" with each other, but last weekend was quite different. Again, because he was not with me.

Anyway, this would just happen once every two months. I just hope there would be few conventions and seminars (that would require 2 to 3 days) in between. And I bet we will make "bawi" this weekend - long weekend actually (from Fri to Mon).

Okay, as for the count down - it's more or less 8 hours and 45 minutes. ~kulit, heheh~

Sunday, March 9, 2008

One of My Dreams

I bet most women would dream that they would attend a fashion school in New York and would become a popular fashion designer. Oh well, at least for me, that is one of my wildest dreams. I love fashion and though I am on the classical (but definitely not boring) side, I do not fail to update myself with what is in and what is out. Since New York is the fashion capital, I always wanted to study in any of the New York fashion schools. I think it would really be fun experimenting, mixing and matching different clothes but of course, if given the chance, I would not just want to settle for any fashion school.

You see the more I write about this dream, the more I wanted to really check out fashion schools New York. Oh my, do you think my hubby would be willing to send me to any of these? I think fashion is a good business and of course, being dubbed as a fashion designer is like being leveled with other well known designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Coco Channel or Donna Karan. Though I know it is quite expensive to study in fashion schools in New York to make this dream come true, this I assure you. I am still willing to pursue this dream of being a fashion designer, by hook or by crook!

Friendship Chain

Thanks Gracie for the friendship chain tag!

Begin copy here:

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I am sharing this tag with Yvette, Annette, Jean and Eds.

The Cheapest Car Insurance

Hubby just got the new car from their company car plan. And since he would be traveling every now and then, he was searching for the cheapest Car Insurance. I have actually helped him find a reliable company who could cater to our car insurance needs. I have searched for different companies online and in the directories but nothing really beat Autonet Car Insurance. I have read that they really create a car policy insurance that would suit your every need, depending on the information that you would provide on their online form. And what struck me the most is that they have this policy that if you think that you do not get the cheapest rate for a car insurance, they are willing to refund your money. Now, don’t you think that is an amazing promotion that would catch the interest of people who are scavenging for the perfect car insurance?

Yep, it is an incredible offer and that is why husband is getting so excited to get the cheapest car insurance for his new baby. And if you are still quite hesitant to get one, they actually offer a free service to get an insurance quote online. Come on and get the best insurance for you.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Black and White

I love pampering my nails. Just look, I had white nail polish one week and black for this week. Would they pass for a Caronia commercial? hehehe!

No More Stress Please!

Probably, all of us are shouting our hearts out and beg for “no more stress please”. But this is not always the case. Of course, there are so many stresses at work, in a relationship as well as the stress brought by financial difficulties. It is good thing that people have their own ways of dealing with these stresses. If they want to relieve some stress at work, they can talk to their supervisors and plan ahead to get out of a stress-y day. If a stress brought about by a relationship arises, a good communication would do the trick.

But what if financial stress comes along? The answer would be to borrow. And do not just borrow from anyone else – there is Easy Online Payday Loan. You do not have to stress yourself with filing an application and faxing your documents. Easy Online Payday Loan has made it very easy for you to apply for a payday loan. All you need is meet the qualifications and you can surely get the money you need to relieve your stress. Remember, you do not have to be anxious about financial problems, there is always an answer for that and you could get that only at Easy Online Payday Loan.

The Celebration

If you have read this, then you know that we had a simple celebration last March 6. It was really simple - hubby fetched me from work and then we went straight to Cafe Mesa at Clark. Actually, this coffee house is just a few meters away from our office. The cafe is quite new and we just want to try it out. Husband fell in love with the ambiance - we chose to stay outside since hubby wanted to be one with nature while eating (they have tables set under the 100 years old trees in the area). Our spot was overlooking the Parade Grounds at Stotsenberg Park and then the night was quite cold so we really had a great time just chillin out on this peaceful cafe.

I read that this cafe serves Japanese brand of UCC coffee (the owner is Japanese). So I tried their coffee but mine was iced UCC Sumiyake coffee. Actually, I do not know what is the difference with the other coffee but nonetheless, the coffee tasted great. Then not too long we spotted some politicians dining at the cafe, too. There was Pampanga congressman Lazatin and Mabalacat mayor Boking Morales.

I think we would go back to Cafe Mesa but next time, we will try their breakfast. Hubby would want to eat there after a weekend jogging in the Parade Grounds - that is if we wake up early on a weekend, heheh!

us :)

It’s Summer Once Again

Okay, the weather is quite unusual these days but hey, it is already summer! And what is the best thing to do during this season? Of course go to the beach, take a great vacation and enjoy life. But what if you are dying for a great vacation but faced with tons of financial problems? The answer is quite simple – apply for cash advance. You deserve a good vacation this summer so you can get that dream vacation with the help of Perfect Cash Advance.

I know that it is really hard to budget your salary especially if you have so many bills to pay or loans to meet. The good thing is you can actually do what you want with the help of short term payday loan. Perfect Cash Advance has already thought of this and that is why they made the application so easy so that everyone can get help for emergency cash as well as make their every dream come true.

They also have available application form on their site so you can conveniently fill it up. Remember if you are earning regularly and are working non-stop then you deserve to treat yourself for a while. And do not you ever stress yourself with the expenses for this vacation since you have Perfect Cash Advance to make this much needed vacation come into reality.

Fab Awards

This award is from Eds. Thanks so much, sis!



I would want to give it to Mich, Alpha, Ads and Lisa.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Do you want to play online backgammon?

This is my brother’s question when he called me earlier. I told you he was really over this online backgammon. He mentioned that he found another web site – He wants me to check out the site since it is really good for starters(again) like me since they have so many tips on how to enhance your skills with playing backgammon. According to him, compared to other web sites, they do not only focus on the enjoyment of playing backgammon online but it also provides a secured environment for those backgammon gamers. Sounds promising, right? My hands are now itching – got to go to now!

So Many Reasons to Celebrate

This is what we feel right now. Hep, hep, hep! I know most of you would think that I might be pregnant - uhmmm, am not. There is no Valentine baby but then there are still so many reasons to celebrate. Of course, I would not want to put them all here - they are quite personal. It is just that it feels real good to see the fruits of your hard work- the fruits of those stressful nights and days.

And of course, with all these blessings, we offer them back to our Creator. He really knows when is the right time for everything. So tomorrow, we would be celebrating these "many reasons" over a simple dinner. Will keep you updated ;-)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Online Backgammon and More

I and my siblings used to play this board game when we were still young. Of course, we could play it all day without getting tired. I have outgrown this love for backgammon but right now, I could hear my sister-in-law complaining that my brother is being hooked with backgammon online. He is still IN to backgammon. He is actually in love with Gammon World!

He said that playing Internet backgammon in this site is a great experience. He is now inviting me to check him out on the backgammon tournament at Gammon World. This is the first site that introduced him to backgammon in cyberspace and he said that it was not as complicated as he thought it would be. So if you are like us who’ve been hooked to this board game, why not check out Gammon World?

Pass it to the front

Got this tag from Jane.

Here are the Rules:

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So play along with this melisse, avee, and juliana.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Come and Play Slots

As I mentioned in my previous posts, my uncle Eddie has went crazy over online casinos and now would want me to try online slots. I must admit, I know nothing about these slot machines and I do not have the slightest idea about how to play slots.

And did you think that my uncle was convinced that playing slots is not for me? Of course not! He introduced me to Sloterix. Good thing this site has the slots info that I need to know more about how to play this game online. They also have a great technical support so 24 hours, they can assist you with any issues you are having. Now I am thinking, would I give playing slots a try? Oh well, I am halfway convinced. Probably, I can continue checking out Sloterix and after that, I'll keep you updated.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

6 Quirky Things about Me

Got tagged by Mari. Thanks sis, I enjoyed it!

The rules: Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six un-important things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog.Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Unimportant things/habits/quirks about my self:

1. I just need to have an umbrella, a pen and a small notebook in my bag. Para akong kobrador ng jueteng noh, hehe

2. I hate changing bags because I always tend to forget to transfer one or 2 important things to the new bag (usually my company ID na sobrang hassle if I’ll forget it).

3. I make sure that the color of my toothbrush is pink or green or yellow and hubby’s should always be blue. (I don’t know why)

4. I need to be wearing slippers inside the bathroom (except when taking a bath).

5. Unknowingly, I am chewing the insides of my cheeks when thinking deeply.

6. Eating hot rice with bagoong and calamasi is heaven for me. Solved! :)

I am tagging... (will update this tomorrow)

Paging All Online Casino Addicts…

Well, if you are one of those casino online addicts, then here is a good news for you. I just stumbled upon this site – it’s called Oh my, I mentioned this to my uncle and he pushed me away from my sit just to check out what is on the site. He is just so fond of knowing more sites like this one so I am helping him out. The site is very helpful for those casino games lovers since it has so much content – from tips, articles, surveys, latest news and even recommended casinos for the month. And of course the last thing that each casino lover wants to hear – yes, the site has a number of different gambling games! Check it out and you will also be as happy as my uncle is.