Monday, February 11, 2008

A year older...

Not me but my mother. She just turned 50 years old (but not yet old). We just had a simple celebration at our house in Sto. Tomas. I bought her a bouquet of roses(handed by the apos) and her eldest grandchild (Zandro, 7 years old) bought her cake. Zandro really insisted on buying my mother a cake. He saves up on his allowance just to give her Mommy Dess a birthday cake - such a thoughtful kid! I think that made my mom the more teary eyed yesterday while we gathered around and sung her a happy birthday.

Here is something about my mother..

Dess, Todik, Lourdes or Mommy Dess has faced the joys and hardships of married life at the age of 18. Though she married young, she had given us the love and care of a perfect mother. She is the typical housewife. So when we were kids - she was the one who woke us early in the morning so that we can catch our school service. She was the one who prepared our breakfast, fix our hair and prepared our baon everyday. And when we were in college, she cooked our favorite dishes during the weekends because she knows that we would all be home. She was and still is a total hands-on mom for the 4 of us.

When we all got married (our bunso is the only one who is still single), she was the first one who cried and became happy at the same time because she knows that her kids are already grown ups and could decide on their own. Though we already have our own family and live on our own, she is still the first one who can sense that something is wrong (She just can feel it in your tone of voice as well as see through your eyes). She just knows when to talk to us and how to talk to us.

As a wife, she had her moments. The love she has given my father is rather an exceptional one. She is no martyr but she just knows when to draw the line.

There are just so many things that she has done and sacrificed for us that writing them all is not enough. (sniff)

To the woman who build the very person in me…. Happy 50th Birthday, Ma!

We would always remember that genuine happiness we saw in your eyes yesterday.


mari said...

happy birthday to your mom :) may she have more birthday cakes to blow... i miss my mom bigla :D

Jeanne said...

happt birthday for your mom :)