Monday, February 25, 2008

My Own Freaky Friday

Actually, it is a Freaky Saturday in my case! Have you watched this movie? If not then I am very much willing to give you the plot of the movie. It is a Lindsay Lohan's movie. She is a teenager who does not understand her mom. Her mom is a single parent raising two kids, maintaining a good career and worrying of mortgage. In the movie, the teenager Lohan switched role with the mom and vice versa and it is in this point that realization came to both of them.

So you see, this is quite a bit like my experience last Saturday. Hubby is in sales while I am working in a call center. My world is the office, the mall and the house. His is quite different - a world that I have never been into. Of course, I do understand his job but it really takes to experience it so that you would really get to know it. So last Saturday, he asked me to go with him to his presentations at Olongapo. Of course, I said "yes" - who would not if you were not with your husband for 4 days(they had a convention at Tagaytay) and if he goes home late at night just to reach his quota for the month. I thought things would be easy. So when we reached Olongapo at about 1 pm, we just dropped by on their branch office and then went straight to the client. He had a presentation in a construction site and boy, they do not even have a roof. He was really sweating while presenting while I stayed at the back with my umbrella. Personally, I could not stand his job.

Then the other presentation is with a cooperative in Olongapo. The board members were having their meeting and unfortunately, they haven't followed the agenda. They started late and now, we need to wait before they call hubby for the presentation. I waited with him together with his agents for about 2 hours or more, really I could not care anymore since I am already on the realization mode. It is just that we traveled all the way from Pampanga to Olongapo(what more pa ung sa Tuguegarao branch nila), had a tiring presentation in a construction site and now we're waiting for the time they would call us for the presentation because of an unforeseen event that is out of our control. You see, sometimes I get to confront hubby about giving me more time, about going home late or about going out of town for days and so many more that I just don't have any idea how hard it is to be in his shoes.

I am just so happy that in my own version of Freaky Friday, I haven't switched role with hubby. Really, I think I could not make it in sales - it's enough that I had a feel of it for a day. It is just after spending a day with his job that I came to love my husband more (syemps love ko naman talga sya kahit before Saturday pa noh) and that I get to really appreciate all his hard work just to give me and our soon-to-be little angel (sana very soon na) a better future. Uhmmm, could this just be hubby's way of telling me that I need to take it easy the next time he goes home late because of work? Uh-oh, we'll see. I am not yet promising anything but I came to really appreciate him the more seeing him work to death just for a better life for us. Thanks, hon!

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