Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hearts Day

Okay, looks like I am the last blogger to write about how we spend the V day. So here it goes...

It was never been a tradition for us to celebrate it on the exact day. It's either before or after February 14. I took a leave on the 13th. Of course not because we would celebrate Valentine's Day but because I need to do another ultrasound. That same night hubby also asked me out for dinner. Nothing fancy really - just had a simple dinner at Gerry's Grill. We do not want to check out other restaurants that is why we settled for any decent place inside the mall to dine in. Basically, the main reason is that we need to get to the movie house for the last full show of -- (brace yourself, you might end up laughing kasi corny) My Bestfriend's Girlfriend, heheheh! Of course, this is my choice. I really love watching romantic, mushy and funny Tagalog movies (kahit corny pa). Good thing my husband can stand watching them, too (as if he has a choice, heheh).

The celebration actually did not end on February 13 nor on the 14th. We also checked in at King's Royal Hotel on the 16th. It so happened that Vox's cousin, Aira is having the wedding in that venue and she wants us to stay (very) late for the party. We decided to check in the hotel na din to continue our V Day celebration as well as to unwind over the weekend.

You see, everyday is a V Day so lets just keep that love burnin'

at Kings Royal

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Mich said...

tama ka, we can celebrate vday everyday! ;)

i love tagalog movies too! I'm planning to watch "My Big Love" ahihihihi....