Friday, February 1, 2008

Globe Oh Globe!

It's quite annoying, really! It did not just happen once but lately globe is always having a server error/maintenance. Just like yesterday afternoon, I was texting my husband telling him that I'll be on my way home na but I just received a message that said: message 49 of 49 not sent. I even thought that probably I no longer have prepaid load but I was reminded that I just loaded 300 prepaid loads last week and haven't called anyone yet. It was just then that it came to me that there is again an error with Globe's server. Grrr!

Anyway, rather than getting so disappointed with this, I just logged on to my Gmail account to text hubby. Thanks to great technology and we have other options. You see communication is really important and thanks to email providers like Yahoo and Gmail for letting us use their services in sending local SMS to our loved ones and friends. Actually, it is a big help since you can send SMS for free. Salamat na lang talga at kahit panay sira ang Globe eh me way pa to communicate. (FYI, hon's other phone is Smart kaya natext ko pa din) Do you think it's time to get a Smart Sim na rin? lols

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