Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Banana Leaf

I finally tasted the great Malaysian cuisine at Banana Leaf at Greenbelt. Hubby dragged me to Greenbelt just to make me taste these great dishes from Banana Leaf. Just so you know, every time hubby has a meeting with their EDM, they always turn to this restaurant for their lunch - suki na nga raw sila. Unfortunately, I seldom go to that area na since I am based in Pampanga so all I know is that the food there is really delicious as per hubby and then read so much about the restaurant din from the blog of Jane.

I am not really prepared for our food trip at Greenbelt. I even asked hubby if we are really going there and he said "Yes, para maiba naman palagi na lang tayo SM at Robinsons Pampanga." And so we went to Greenbelt. And since I am not really prepared, I haven't brought our so old camcorder and forgot my cellphone at home (naku! sakit ko na talga to, grrr!). All we have left is hubby's phone which was by the way low bat na and so he needs to reserve the remaining charge for some business related SMS or calls. So in short, no snap shots of the lunch we had at Banana Leaf. Hubby promised me anyway that this would not be the last.

We ordered roti canai with curry dip. This is just like the pita bread(of shawarma) but this one is rather flaky and crispy on the outside. It was best eaten with the curry dip and also delicious with condensed milk (I tried this at home - nag take out pa kami). Then we sampled the grilled deep sea fish with a special spice paste that is like shrimp paste (but this really has a rather exotic and I think Malaysian taste) and wrapped in banana leaf. Then we also tried the lamb dish that has grated coconut - I loooove this one! We also sampled the thai iced tea. You see I love nai cha of Chowking so naturally, I also fell in love with their thai iced tea (read: I love milk tea so much!).

Definitely, Banana Leaf would be included in the will-visit-it-again list of restaurants!


Mich said...

I love milk tea too! Have you tried Bubble Tea? :)

Arlene said...

Not yet sis.. but I read so much about it din in some forums.. will try it -- sana soon :)

jane said...

uy, extra aho hehe

love love love banana leaf. for a while parati dun kami ni jon pero now medyo stop na at sawa na hehe. but for sure, babalik ulit craving ko for their food in no time.