Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shopping Cart Software Dilemma

I just talked to a friend of mine - Minnie yesterday and she told me about their plan of creating an online web site for her clothing business. They are already on their way to creating the web site but until now they could not decide on the shopping cart software to use. You see, these e-commerce software are very important if you would engage in online business and until now she is undecided.

So to help her, I checked the web and I stumbled upon Ashop. I think if Minnie would pick a shopping cart software, she should get one like those from Ashop. Their software is easy to use, you do not need to be a tech savvy just to be able to use their shopping cart software. She do not even need to worry of what payment methods to be used since with Ashop, all major credit cards are accepted. These software also have many features that you can customize depending on your business needs. I can say that, with getting this software her life would really be a breeze! And of course, should she want to test drive on their software, she could avail of the 10 day free trial anytime.

Quite cool, eh? Got to tell her now all about it.

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