Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Weekend

First thing first - weekend is defined (in this case only) as Sunday and Monday. Hubby and I went to work last Saturday so it's not considered as part of the weekend-- at least for this week only :) Last Sunday, we just stayed the whole day at home. It's the first actually after how many months. We had danggit for breakfast and then I cooked pork sinigang for lunch and hubby made camaron rebusado for dinner. Oh, it's a perfect day to recharge and relax. It's good thing pala we had a time like that since we didn't know that Monday would be a tiring and busy one.

So here is the kwento for Monday...

Again, we would be going to the doctor for check up. We arrived at UST hospital at 9:45 am. We went straight ahead to room 3001 and asked if the doctor is already in. Unfortunately, she was out for a meeting and won't be back til 12 noon. Okay, I am trying to calm myself and program that we would be waiting for solid 2 hours. We had breakfast and then waited. Minutes after, hubby received a text that he need to meet one of their GBMs. So he went on his way while I waited. You see, I am not really good at waiting alone so I went to Dapitan and looked for a parlor to get manicure and pedicure. I entered the first salon that I saw and before I knew it hubby is texting me that he is already at UST and will be waiting for me. Tapos ang 2 hours :)

And just when I thought that the waiting is over, oh my doctora has so many patients. I am number 6 but just as the consultation for the number 1 patient is over, hubby needs to run again (this time at Malate) and see someone so that he could sign a paper. I was waiting again all by myself. My turn came and I explained everything about our case. Dra. Gamilla is very accommodating as compared to my other OB. She explained the plans and possibilities. I feel comfortable with her. In that point, I need to have my ultrasound again. The moment I entered the OB Gyne Ultrasound, I saw many women lined up. Uuurghh, I need to wait again for hours. I was just thinking that sige I will wait the whole day if that is all it takes to have a baby. Drama noh?! Anyway, after waiting I finally got the results and headed back to my OB. And since she saw that I am already fertile, she just told me to do the deed and wait for my menses. I just need to make a call the day I get my period so that we can set for another appointment.

While walking down the hospital, I realized I haven't had lunch pa pla - that was about 3:30 na. So the first restaurant I saw is Jollibee. I went inside and ate chicken, shanghai, sundae, peach mango pie and soda. I just realized that I was so hungry and tired. If you think the waiting is over na din, hay you're mistaken! I waited for hubby pa for an hour (or more than pa) since the traffic in Malate was terrible.

Oh my, looking back at how my Monday went, all I did was wait! Is this something that God wants to tell me? That waiting a little bit more won't hurt? If that is the case...okay, I will gladly oblige...


M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Hi Arlene! kaasar talaga sa mga hospitals noh? Intay ka ng intay lalo na pag mahaba ang pili.

Pero i admire your patience din ha. :) For sure, your wishes for a baby will be granted soon.


Mich said...

hi Arlene! i hate waiting too! naku sa lahat ata ng doctors kasama talga ang waiting and minimum pa is an hour.

Agree with Nice, I'm pretty sure that your baby is coming na! God has plans! ;)