Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Start

So this is my very first post for year 2-0-0-8. How was your New Year's celebration? Ours was just so simple. We stayed at home - watched tv and prepared some food for Media Noche. Hubby and I cooked the food. It is one of those holidays that my mother in law was with us. If you are wondering if I did those New Year's superstitions - YUP, delivered them with sincerity, heheh!

Yesterday, we just heard mass at our parish church and then went to Sasmuan to visit hubby's relatives. I just love hubby's cousins (the Lozano's sisters) - they're like my sisters and friends. And also, I became a baby sitter for a short time yesterday. Obviously, I love babies and Zalong, my inaanak was just so cute. You can just imagine how I squeeze and kiss him, sarap ng baby!

I know that New Year’s resolutions are old stories but this year I am making two. Yup, am serious when I told hubby about them. They're not quite personal so I can tell you guys about them.

  1. I'll try my best not to become forgetful. Grabe, I am so forgetful to think di pa ko na-anesthesia ever. Last year, I forgot my cell phone at my mom’s place and did not realize it until my brother texted Vox, forgot my ID and because of that I need to call hubby at home to dictate to me some security codes so that I could log in to my business account. These are just few of the many things that I tend to forget. So this year, I am utilizing the reminders feature of my phone so that I would not forget some activities I need to do.
  2. I’ll do some exercises. I used to be so thin but right now I gained some weight and got conscious since I could no longer wear some clothes. I know that people would still say that I am not fat naman. The problem is I am not fat but oh boy, I have a bulging tummy! Probably because of the lifestyle I have as a call center employee. After eating, you need to sit down and face the computer again – no exercise at all. I have so many vcds and dvds for work outs – there is Cindy Kurleto’s Sensual Aerobics, Taebo, Yoga, 2 Belly Dancing VCDs and Pilates but I am not using them. So this time around, I would try to utilize these work out videos and work those abs.


maanne said...

Just droppin' by to say, HAPPY NEW YEAR and Wishing you all the best all Year round... God Bless!

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Hi Arlene! Same tayo sa number 1. Super makakalimutin din ako. hehehe.