Monday, January 28, 2008

The Wrong Decision

If you are faced with a lot of options and you decided to choose the one you thought at that time is the best one, then you know you made a sound decision. It is really the best decision if this choice lead to much better things in your life. But if after some time you noticed that there are many consequences and not so good things that came about because of that decision you made, then you conclude that it is the wrong decision (actually it is not easy to admit that you made a wrong decision). This is quite frustrating, isn't? And of course the next step is you tend to cover up things and say, " no regrets!, life must go on, there is a reason why this happened".

I just said those things last week. I was faced with multiple options and I chose the other one that I thought was the best. At that time I am sure that it was a sound decision. I have my own reasons to back it up, that is why. But within the week, that decision created a big problem and not so long, another one problem. I tried to console myself and said that "There is a reason why this happened".

Sure, there is really a reason why this happened - I may not really know what is it right now but sure there is a reason. We do make decisions, sometimes they are not the right one but we have our reasons why we make those decisions in life. At first, it is really hard to believe that you made the wrong one but I think we were born to give justice to the phrase "back for revenge". So after a not so good decision that have affected my/our life, here we are back on the loop and ready to take again the many chances this life journey has to offer.

Thanks for some wrong decisions ... we are now stronger...

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AiDiSan said...

You may regret for doing wrong decision but later on, you will be thankful for learning and becoming stronger because of that wrong decision.

Cheer up Jo. Life is like hills and valleys. Enjoy the ride.

Keep smiling!