Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just Lovin' Smorty

I have been observing fellow bloggers here who are in for paid blogging and wanted to do the same. Oh well, things just happened so fast and right now I am on my way to getting paid by blogging - thanks to Smorty. This is really a good opportunity for stay at home moms or dads, students who wants a part time job and even a better opportunity for those employed like me but wants to earn extra for paying those monthly bills or to keep a large portion of your salary for your savings. This is one way of optimizing your hobby. You get paid to blog and still enjoy what you love best.

During the end of the month, the usual scene at our room is that I am on my work table holding a pen and a calculator on the other one hand. Guess what I want to see on my budget notebook? Yep, getting more savings that would go to our bank account. I know that is now possible now that I am into paid blogging.

And what is more exciting with being paid for blogging? Oh, yes! I would have additional budget for my fertility work ups. Definitely, more bucks for buying fertility pills and for paying fees for laboratory tests. And if this blogging business proves to exceed my expectations, who knows I could even save a little more for our little angel!


Jeanne said...

i would like also to join to smorty if my blog older than 3 months. just wait.... success to you with smorty

AiDiSan said...

Hi Jo,

We registered to Smorty almost at the same time. Goodluck to both of us. May this year brings us lots of money through paid blogging.