Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Indian and Persian Cuisines

Hubby missed these Mediterranean dishes so much. If you are wondering how much he craved for these dishes then let me tell you. He actually asked me to buy shawarma last Friday. And then last Sunday, after watching National Treasure 2, we ate at Pollo Rico and ordered an Indian beef dish (which I forgot the name) together with pita bread. The moment he tasted it, he murmured, " Di authentic". Yup it's not but oh my, I was sweating the whole time when I was actually sitted next to the aircon. It was spicy even if I requested for a mild one.

at Pollo Rico

The cravings for Mediterranean food did not stop there since obviously, he was not satisfied with the food at Pollo Rico. Yesterday, we ate at Hossein at Trinoma. The restaurant has a great interior, I must say - a perfect place for intimmate dates.

nice cozy place

We tried their tom yam plaa soup and their mix kebab with pita breads. Their kebab is the best - tender and juicy. I wonder if they really use yoghurt as tenderizer ( I read this somewhere). This time hubby said "It's authentic." Oh well it should be considering it's a bit pricey though they have big servings that are good for two. I hope that the meal we had at Hossein satisfied his cravings for Indian and Persian foods ( hon, I could no longer take very spicy foods, lols). I wonder what would be his next cravings?

happy :)

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