Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hurray to Pay Per Post

Money, money, money! Who would not want to earn extra money? I have been looking here and there for the perfect sideline so that I could earn extra while maintaining a full time job. There are online tutorials, some contractual writing jobs or other telemarketing services that I have tried in the past but nothing beats blogging for money. Yes, I just signed up with Pay per Post and already loving it.

You see, I am really hooked with blogging. With blogging, I get to account things that are happening to me, express my emotions and post photos that capture sweet moments in my life. And now that I would be paid with the thing I love the most, oh what else can I say? This is simply the best!

Actually, I am really excited about this. Why? Because part of the earnings would be spent for shopping. I have also been eyeing a fully automatic washing machine and a gas range every time we go to the appliance center. Now that I am an official paid postie, I know it won’t be too long and those appliances would be delivered right to our home. Truly, get paid to blog is the way to go. Why not try it?


Jeanne said...

congratulation for getting approved from ppp

jenny-up the hill said...

I've been with PPP for a bit and I've made quite a bit of money...this has worked well for me because we homeschool and I didn't really have an opportunity to work outside our home. So...I'm excited for you!!