Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hurray to Pay Per Post

Money, money, money! Who would not want to earn extra money? I have been looking here and there for the perfect sideline so that I could earn extra while maintaining a full time job. There are online tutorials, some contractual writing jobs or other telemarketing services that I have tried in the past but nothing beats blogging for money. Yes, I just signed up with Pay per Post and already loving it.

You see, I am really hooked with blogging. With blogging, I get to account things that are happening to me, express my emotions and post photos that capture sweet moments in my life. And now that I would be paid with the thing I love the most, oh what else can I say? This is simply the best!

Actually, I am really excited about this. Why? Because part of the earnings would be spent for shopping. I have also been eyeing a fully automatic washing machine and a gas range every time we go to the appliance center. Now that I am an official paid postie, I know it won’t be too long and those appliances would be delivered right to our home. Truly, get paid to blog is the way to go. Why not try it?

Shopping Cart Software Dilemma

I just talked to a friend of mine - Minnie yesterday and she told me about their plan of creating an online web site for her clothing business. They are already on their way to creating the web site but until now they could not decide on the shopping cart software to use. You see, these e-commerce software are very important if you would engage in online business and until now she is undecided.

So to help her, I checked the web and I stumbled upon Ashop. I think if Minnie would pick a shopping cart software, she should get one like those from Ashop. Their software is easy to use, you do not need to be a tech savvy just to be able to use their shopping cart software. She do not even need to worry of what payment methods to be used since with Ashop, all major credit cards are accepted. These software also have many features that you can customize depending on your business needs. I can say that, with getting this software her life would really be a breeze! And of course, should she want to test drive on their software, she could avail of the 10 day free trial anytime.

Quite cool, eh? Got to tell her now all about it.

Another Try

Okay, just got the sign this afternoon that we failed again this month and we need to go see the OB gyne soon. No need to be disappointed this time though since this is just another chance for us to try once again. Kaya lang I am not really feeling well right now since my dysmenorrhea is pulling down my energy. Grabe ang sakit talaga. It is during this time of the month that I am thankful that mefenamic acid and hot compress were discovered. ~sigh~

Anyway, I just called to set an appointment on Saturday with the doctor. But then the doctor won’t be available so it was reset to another date. We would be going to Manila again this Monday. Got to prepare myself na ulit with endless waitings. :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Just Lovin' Smorty

I have been observing fellow bloggers here who are in for paid blogging and wanted to do the same. Oh well, things just happened so fast and right now I am on my way to getting paid by blogging - thanks to Smorty. This is really a good opportunity for stay at home moms or dads, students who wants a part time job and even a better opportunity for those employed like me but wants to earn extra for paying those monthly bills or to keep a large portion of your salary for your savings. This is one way of optimizing your hobby. You get paid to blog and still enjoy what you love best.

During the end of the month, the usual scene at our room is that I am on my work table holding a pen and a calculator on the other one hand. Guess what I want to see on my budget notebook? Yep, getting more savings that would go to our bank account. I know that is now possible now that I am into paid blogging.

And what is more exciting with being paid for blogging? Oh, yes! I would have additional budget for my fertility work ups. Definitely, more bucks for buying fertility pills and for paying fees for laboratory tests. And if this blogging business proves to exceed my expectations, who knows I could even save a little more for our little angel!

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Wrong Decision

If you are faced with a lot of options and you decided to choose the one you thought at that time is the best one, then you know you made a sound decision. It is really the best decision if this choice lead to much better things in your life. But if after some time you noticed that there are many consequences and not so good things that came about because of that decision you made, then you conclude that it is the wrong decision (actually it is not easy to admit that you made a wrong decision). This is quite frustrating, isn't? And of course the next step is you tend to cover up things and say, " no regrets!, life must go on, there is a reason why this happened".

I just said those things last week. I was faced with multiple options and I chose the other one that I thought was the best. At that time I am sure that it was a sound decision. I have my own reasons to back it up, that is why. But within the week, that decision created a big problem and not so long, another one problem. I tried to console myself and said that "There is a reason why this happened".

Sure, there is really a reason why this happened - I may not really know what is it right now but sure there is a reason. We do make decisions, sometimes they are not the right one but we have our reasons why we make those decisions in life. At first, it is really hard to believe that you made the wrong one but I think we were born to give justice to the phrase "back for revenge". So after a not so good decision that have affected my/our life, here we are back on the loop and ready to take again the many chances this life journey has to offer.

Thanks for some wrong decisions ... we are now stronger...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Your Blog is a Treasure Award

Though I have not been blogging seriously as compared to many of my blogger buddies, I really thank my mareng Mari for this award. Thanks so much!

I am passing this now to Sheila, Peachy, Mich, Lucel

Linky Love

Got this tag from Jody. Thanks for the love, sis!

Cut and paste the following starting here.

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I am passing the love to Jean, Annette, Nancy, Dorxie and Kathycot.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Weekend

First thing first - weekend is defined (in this case only) as Sunday and Monday. Hubby and I went to work last Saturday so it's not considered as part of the weekend-- at least for this week only :) Last Sunday, we just stayed the whole day at home. It's the first actually after how many months. We had danggit for breakfast and then I cooked pork sinigang for lunch and hubby made camaron rebusado for dinner. Oh, it's a perfect day to recharge and relax. It's good thing pala we had a time like that since we didn't know that Monday would be a tiring and busy one.

So here is the kwento for Monday...

Again, we would be going to the doctor for check up. We arrived at UST hospital at 9:45 am. We went straight ahead to room 3001 and asked if the doctor is already in. Unfortunately, she was out for a meeting and won't be back til 12 noon. Okay, I am trying to calm myself and program that we would be waiting for solid 2 hours. We had breakfast and then waited. Minutes after, hubby received a text that he need to meet one of their GBMs. So he went on his way while I waited. You see, I am not really good at waiting alone so I went to Dapitan and looked for a parlor to get manicure and pedicure. I entered the first salon that I saw and before I knew it hubby is texting me that he is already at UST and will be waiting for me. Tapos ang 2 hours :)

And just when I thought that the waiting is over, oh my doctora has so many patients. I am number 6 but just as the consultation for the number 1 patient is over, hubby needs to run again (this time at Malate) and see someone so that he could sign a paper. I was waiting again all by myself. My turn came and I explained everything about our case. Dra. Gamilla is very accommodating as compared to my other OB. She explained the plans and possibilities. I feel comfortable with her. In that point, I need to have my ultrasound again. The moment I entered the OB Gyne Ultrasound, I saw many women lined up. Uuurghh, I need to wait again for hours. I was just thinking that sige I will wait the whole day if that is all it takes to have a baby. Drama noh?! Anyway, after waiting I finally got the results and headed back to my OB. And since she saw that I am already fertile, she just told me to do the deed and wait for my menses. I just need to make a call the day I get my period so that we can set for another appointment.

While walking down the hospital, I realized I haven't had lunch pa pla - that was about 3:30 na. So the first restaurant I saw is Jollibee. I went inside and ate chicken, shanghai, sundae, peach mango pie and soda. I just realized that I was so hungry and tired. If you think the waiting is over na din, hay you're mistaken! I waited for hubby pa for an hour (or more than pa) since the traffic in Malate was terrible.

Oh my, looking back at how my Monday went, all I did was wait! Is this something that God wants to tell me? That waiting a little bit more won't hurt? If that is the case...okay, I will gladly oblige...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Indian and Persian Cuisines

Hubby missed these Mediterranean dishes so much. If you are wondering how much he craved for these dishes then let me tell you. He actually asked me to buy shawarma last Friday. And then last Sunday, after watching National Treasure 2, we ate at Pollo Rico and ordered an Indian beef dish (which I forgot the name) together with pita bread. The moment he tasted it, he murmured, " Di authentic". Yup it's not but oh my, I was sweating the whole time when I was actually sitted next to the aircon. It was spicy even if I requested for a mild one.

at Pollo Rico

The cravings for Mediterranean food did not stop there since obviously, he was not satisfied with the food at Pollo Rico. Yesterday, we ate at Hossein at Trinoma. The restaurant has a great interior, I must say - a perfect place for intimmate dates.

nice cozy place

We tried their tom yam plaa soup and their mix kebab with pita breads. Their kebab is the best - tender and juicy. I wonder if they really use yoghurt as tenderizer ( I read this somewhere). This time hubby said "It's authentic." Oh well it should be considering it's a bit pricey though they have big servings that are good for two. I hope that the meal we had at Hossein satisfied his cravings for Indian and Persian foods ( hon, I could no longer take very spicy foods, lols). I wonder what would be his next cravings?

happy :)

The Doctor is Sick

My OB that is. I arranged a change off (from Saturday and Sunday to Sunday and Tuesday) so that we can go to our OB in UST. We traveled all the way to Manila and left all the work we need to do just to be informed that the doctor called in and she would not be able to go to the hospital. Oh well, what can we do? Is there anything we can do? So rather than dwell on this unfortunate event, we went to Trinoma. Good thing I've been dying to take a look of this shopping center. We had a great time exploring the place, so it’s okay na din.

Again, I would request for a Sunday and Monday off next week so that we can see our OB next Monday. If you are wondering why I keep on changing my day offs, well am saving my vacation leaves -- for another travel escapade perhaps? But before that, we are still hoping that Dra. Gamilla would be available by that time (no more sick doctor, I hope!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taurus Horoscope for 2008

Thanks Mich for this tag. I will take note some of the advises I need for this year. :)

Rules: Visit this link, choose your zodiac sign and copy/paste what the stars have to say on your blog then highlight all the predictions that you like or you can relate to.

Taurus horoscope 2008 talks of progress and success for the people belonging to this sun sign. At the same time the 2008 horoscope also talks of some hurdles for Taurus people that can make the life little difficult for them in the year ahead. According to the stars, the year 2008 would prove lucky for unmarried people as chances are that they can get married.Acquired wisdom can be termed as the theme for Taurus people for the year 2008 according to their horoscope. The year 2008 brings along a need for people belonging to the Taurus sun sign to recognize and arrange their priorities. Determination and hard work can be the golden words for Taurus people according to the Taurus horoscope 2008.

Talking of career aspects, the Taurus people may witness growth opportunities along with some undue pressure form the superiors or higher management.

The Taurus horoscope 2008 advices people born under this zodiac sign to take slow but steady steps towards achieving their goals. The year may also bring some tensions on the domestic front, which may result in some unrest for some time.

The Taurus horoscope 2008 brings into limelight some confusion for Taurus people in the field of love. The Taurus people may have to take some firm decisions in the love matters, which were creating confusions for them. There may be some disagreements in the martial affairs for Taurus people according to the 2008 horoscope. But the year end would result in bliss in these relationships. The only need remains for Taurus people to keep a control over their speech in such relationships.

Am tagging Mari and Alpha

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Perfect Day to Laze Around

Oh boy, I just love this day! I so love rainy days during day offs (during day offs lang!). We woke up early today around 5 am. So by 6 am, we were on our way to Manila to get my mother- in- law in NAIA by 8. And before lunch time, we were already at home. So what is the best thing to do? Of course, watch TV, eat, sleep, do some surfing and then sleep again! I am so grateful for days like this wherein you do nothing but relax in the comfort of your own home.

Also, I am looking forward for tomorrow. Hubby will take me to a movie date – we’re both excited to see The National Treasure: Book of Secrets. It’s actually an overdue plan since we’ve been so busy escorting my MIL to most of her activities while here in the Philippines. We actually talked about watching it on its first showing date but I was in the late afternoon shift that day and the next days became so busy. So finally, we will get to see this movie tomorrow.

Have a great weekend! ;)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Start

So this is my very first post for year 2-0-0-8. How was your New Year's celebration? Ours was just so simple. We stayed at home - watched tv and prepared some food for Media Noche. Hubby and I cooked the food. It is one of those holidays that my mother in law was with us. If you are wondering if I did those New Year's superstitions - YUP, delivered them with sincerity, heheh!

Yesterday, we just heard mass at our parish church and then went to Sasmuan to visit hubby's relatives. I just love hubby's cousins (the Lozano's sisters) - they're like my sisters and friends. And also, I became a baby sitter for a short time yesterday. Obviously, I love babies and Zalong, my inaanak was just so cute. You can just imagine how I squeeze and kiss him, sarap ng baby!

I know that New Year’s resolutions are old stories but this year I am making two. Yup, am serious when I told hubby about them. They're not quite personal so I can tell you guys about them.

  1. I'll try my best not to become forgetful. Grabe, I am so forgetful to think di pa ko na-anesthesia ever. Last year, I forgot my cell phone at my mom’s place and did not realize it until my brother texted Vox, forgot my ID and because of that I need to call hubby at home to dictate to me some security codes so that I could log in to my business account. These are just few of the many things that I tend to forget. So this year, I am utilizing the reminders feature of my phone so that I would not forget some activities I need to do.
  2. I’ll do some exercises. I used to be so thin but right now I gained some weight and got conscious since I could no longer wear some clothes. I know that people would still say that I am not fat naman. The problem is I am not fat but oh boy, I have a bulging tummy! Probably because of the lifestyle I have as a call center employee. After eating, you need to sit down and face the computer again – no exercise at all. I have so many vcds and dvds for work outs – there is Cindy Kurleto’s Sensual Aerobics, Taebo, Yoga, 2 Belly Dancing VCDs and Pilates but I am not using them. So this time around, I would try to utilize these work out videos and work those abs.