Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Christmas Gift

The major Christmas gift came a day after Christmas. But that is not important - at all! Remember my wishes here? I got the perfume, the sandals/shoes and lastly this...

Happy, happy, happy! Merry Christmas everyone and have a very fruitful New Year!!!! :-)

The Retro Christmas Party

Last December 19, 2008, we had our Christmas Party at Wishing Well Videoke here in Balibago, Pampanga. The theme is retro and we need to try our best to wear something close to the 70's fashion. For a change the party organizers had encouraged us to dress up (lam nyo na minsan umiiral ang pag ka KJ, but not that day). We all enjoyed the party since almost all of us participated in the games and dance. We even had 2 mascots - the Jackson 5 with their afro.

I won in the raffle but only the minor prize. Anyway, that does not really matter - it was the fun that we had throughout the party. Sharing some pictures with you.

Merry Christmas!

Two days delayed but of course, it is never too late to greet you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great celebration with your family and friends. We had a blast and it was one of the happiest Christmas ever, though of course we miss my brothers, Nyong and Boboy.

I have so much to blog actually. Let me enumerate them here.

  1. Our Retro theme Christmas Party (it was really fun!)
  2. Hons's birthday celebrations at Duyan ni Maria and at Mequeni Restaurant (again)
  3. The Christmas gift (I am really happy with this)
I'll try to start now before they get to be included in the year 2009 posts, heheh! Again....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday

It's the birthday of the most important man in my life...

Though we are missing "something" in this life, you never made me feel that...
It was always you who push me to go on...
And with that, I am positive that spending my whole life with you
is the ONLY perfect thing in this world...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Buffet Dinner at Mequeni Restaurant (Holiday Inn)

Warning: Picture overload; will make your mouth water :)

December 11 is Pampanga Day so it was a holiday here last Thursday. And what is the perfect thing to do on this day? Have a sumptuous dinner with girlfriends! We were surprised that the restaurant has a large selection of foods - from Japanese, Italian, Chinese, sea foods, desserts and other appetizers.

We started with sushi, maki and sea foods. We got so giddy when we saw the relatives of Ariel and Sebastian. :)

Then we got to taste the different salads and cheeses for appetizers.
We then decided to start with the main courses since we feel that we are already getting full with the appetizers and other side dishes. These were our plates with a little of baked pork rib, baked potatoes, vegetable penne, a fish viand, roasted beef and a chicken dish that has a lot of green and black olives (forgot the name together with the fish).

We were also eyeing on the dimsums, fried rice, peking duck and noodles. But we got really full with tasting a little of everything. Minette tried their create your own noodles - you can request the chef whatever you want on your noodles.

And lastly, we could not resist their desserts - ice cream, crepes, cakes, chocolate fondue, fruits, brownies, ube halaya and many more. But we got quite disappointed with the desserts - alright, they appeal great on our eyes but not quite on our taste buds. It is one thing they need to improve on, I think.

But overall, we enjoyed the food. We love their buffet and guess what? I might return there on December 22 but of course, I would be with the birthday boy (Vox). Look, we were so happy because our tummies were full :)

Arlene, Minette and Vic

With one of the Chefs (we love his baked pork ribs)

New Eyeglasses for the Holidays

It is during these holidays that we get to buy ourselves something new - new shoes, new clothes, new gadgets or new jewelry. Of course, with the bonuses and the 13th month that were credited on our account, it is just but right to splurge for yourself. So for a change, I am now thinking of getting myself Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical aside from those stuffs.

This decision is just right since the popular online eyeglasses shop is now on sale! They have cheap pieces for as low as $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses.

Don't you think this eyeglasses look so cool? I'll go grab one for myself, now. :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Our Diet

You might be curious about the update on my hubby's BP. By the way, thanks for all who have suggested a diet for us in this post. We really appreciate it!

My husband took the medicine for 2 weeks and we had a no rice diet during dinner. During the times that we frequent the hospital since my father was confined, we made sure that we monitor his blood pressure. Thanks God and he had maintained it at bay with the normal. So we decided to continue with this routine.

Good thing also I have a friend who have lots of recipes for healthy diet - so we do not run out of ideas with food to eat during dinner. Usually, we are having sandwiches, veggies, fish fillets, chicken breast and fruits. We also eat a viand with rice sometimes - but this only happens twice or thrice a week. I will try to share these recipes as I prepared them. I am no expert really with cooking but well, I can prepare a decent meal good enough to stuff our tummies.

Here is one that we had during dinner. This is a roasted chicken breast (without the skin) with Caesar's salad.

Let's all stay healthy. After all, the cliche -- health is wealth still stands true in most cases! :)

Great Saturday Morning!

I am trying to condition myself on an early Saturday morning. I have so much to accomplish for this day because I am just about to start my Christmas shopping. Yes, your eyes are not fooling you - I am just starting with my Christmas shopping! Kaiinis no 12 days na lang before Christmas pero ngayon palang ako mag shoshopping - this is not just me! Anyway, I am also thinking of pampering myself today by going to the salon for a pedicure, legs waxing and hopefully any hair treatment.

And to perfectly start the day, I just have to be blogging or surfing the Internet. So that is what I am doing now while taking my breakfast - blueberry muffin and coffee! Don't you just love multi-tasking?!

Great morning to all! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Twilight Movie: Was it just me??!

I admit I am addicted with the book, Twilight (and the Midnight Sun - the version of Edward) and as my post mentioned here, I can't wait to see the movie. We watched it yesterday. Yes, it was good to see how they depicted the like diamonds skin of Edward when stricken by the sun, the baseball game, how the vampires move so fast, how James chased and almost turned Bella into a vampire, the heart pounding grin of the delicious Edward (yes I am thirsty, too - lol), the sweet moments of Bella and Edward, the wonderful house of the Cullens which was surrounded with glass (it's my dream house now) and the conversation and dance at the prom. It made me smile - really!

But then, to be honest, the kilig, the excitement and the suspense that I felt while reading the book are much intense than when I watched the movie. So as you can see there is a tinge of disappointment on my part ( a little, I think). It could be that I have a very wild imagination that is why I am not quite satisfied with some of the scenes or it could be that they tweak the scenes so much that is why there seems to be something missing. I'll try watching the movie again. But in totality, the movie is the best. It is just that the book is.. umm.. uh.. errr.. Gosh, what is the superlative of the best, greatest, excellent??! The book is just that! :)

Daddy Kong's Birthday

As I wrote in my post here, my father got admitted in the hospital last November 27. We are expecting that he would just stay there for 2 days but unfortunately, they need to do a very minor operation just to let out of the pus inside the wound. So though he would not want to stay longer in the hospital since it was his birthday last November 30, he had no choice but follow the doctor's recommendation (At least for once, he listened, hehe! Got my stubbornness from him)

I remembered his conversation with the doctor.

Doctor: Birthday nyo pala 'tay bukas?

Daddy Kong: Oo, di ba pwedeng lumabas na bukas? Kasi ang mga apo ko... (He was thinking of his grandaughters who are 4 and 5 years old who could not get in the hospital since children should be 7 years up before they will be allowed to enter the hospital)

So what loving children have to do when your father is longing to spend his birthday with his apo but is confined in the hospital? Outsmart the security guards, hehehe! My brother's girlfriend is a med tech but from a different hospital. But since she knows the med tech in Calcutta Hospital, we got those laboratory test requests for my 2 nieces.

On the morning of November 30, Daddy Kong (trivia: Kong is short for ingkong, which is a kapampangan term for lolo - the first grandchild came up with the term, lol) - was sad but still managed to thank the doctors and nurses who greeted him. In the afternoon, he got really happy and surprised to see my nieces, nephew and some neighbors (his friends) enter his room with pansit and sansrival. It was really a simple birthday at the hospital but we are very happy that we cheered Daddy Kong (in spite of the situation or rather the place he was in) on his birthday. My brothers and sister also phoned him so he got his voice a bit shakey there - a sign that he was indeed happy and touched with the simple birthday celebration.

With his best friend who fed his chickens and watered his plants while he was in the hospital.

With Mommy Dess and the grandchildren

Tito Vox with the pamangkins - bumming around in the hospital

The kids with Ate Vic and Tits (her birthday too)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Yes, I feel so restless... I just finished reading Book 1 and we would be watching the last full show of Twilight later. That is why I am so restless and I am counting the hours, the minutes and the seconds. Darn, I am so late with this Twilight craze! I just want to finish the book first before watching it and it took me until this day to finish the book.

Been so busy lately, that's why. So what I have been up to that made me neglect this blog for awhile?

- Father's birthday in the hospital.
- Household chores ( I am about to give up now - tama na ang pagpapakabayani, heheh)
- The family weekend at our place for the dream match.
- Work, work, work!!! (Hay, can't complain coz I want to take all those legal and special Holidays)

But for the meantime, let me dwell in this restlessness as I impatiently wait for the last full show of Twilight. I also want to get bitten and I just can't wait to see the godlike image of Edward in the wide screen, the baseball scene, his silver Volvo, the Cullen's house, the prom....

Arrrgh! 'nuf said about Twilight!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank God It's Friday!

I am actually saying this with conviction. Really - thanks a bunch it's Friday once again. This week was really tiring. Since December 1 is a holiday, the deadline for the month is November 30 and since Sat and Sun is my off, today is the deadline. So imagine the cramming. But what am I doing - blogging??!! hehe! I need an outlet. Now, would that pass as an excuse? :)


Last Saturday, we were supposed to go to Divisoria for Christmas shopping. But since my Internet connection was dead since Friday night, I was forced to rush my writing jobs on a Saturday morning. Tinamad na ko so hubby went to Manila alone for his medical check up. Sayang, I was really so excited. We would just schedule it some other time, probably after Christmas na lang. :(


My father got admitted in the hospital yesterday. He got injured while checking the fishpond. The wound got worse and now it is swelling - as in swell talaga. The doctor decided to confine him in the hospital for 2 days. I just hope the confinement would just lasts for two days since he will be celebrating his birthday this November 30. Sana di naman sya mag birthday sa hospital. But good thing - it is nothing so serious to get worried about.


Hubby's birthday is fast approaching. For a change, we are planning on a different celebration. I am getting too excited for this. It is not a grand celebration (since it is just a very simple one) but definitely one of the most memorable birthdays that he would ever have. And we intend to do that once every year. :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The ER Visit

Hubby had a physical exam last Saturday in Makati and the result could have been fine if not just with a blood pressure of 140/100 (waah antaas!). He mentioned that the nurse did the procedure thrice and the result was the same.

So earlier, we went to the hospital (ER) to confirm his blood pressure. And we were surprised since his BP reached 140/110. They made him lie on the bed and then have him took a sublingual medicine to keep him relaxed. Then they got another BP and it went up to 150/110. There is really no progress. So they took an ECG and good thing his heart is generally fine. He was prescribed with low dosage BP maintainance medicine for 2 weeks. When we left the hospital his BP is 130/100.

Our resolution? We would be both on a no rice diet during the night. I know if I would continue with a heavy meal during dinner, I would be of no help to him. So I am joining him so that he would not be tempted to eat a lot. And one more thing - he would be on a no softdrinks diet, too. He needs to be contented with pineapple juice for the meantime. He also mentioned that he would be enrolling in the gym - but with this I am not quite convinced - yet. He has mentioned this already for the nth time, so I need to see first (the membership) before I believe him.

Wish us luck on our diet and if you have a menu (for the whole week) for such diet please share them with us. :)

Hope you had a great weekend! :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

So many things I want to do...

It's ME time!:) Hubby went out right after lunch for his favorite past time - airsoft and would be back later tonight. And since I know I have so much time, I have these things lined up:

  • write some articles
  • upload some photos (mostly my nephews and nieces' pics) from my digicam
  • start reading Twilight
  • watch showbiz talk shows
  • iron some clothes
  • cook pasta
  • continue watching Gossip Girl
Three hours have passed and I have done nothing yet - then I realized I have so many things I want to do. I know I have the option to go out of the house and do whatever I want, but I prefer to stay at home. I just love the comfort of our bedroom. I just love tinkering the keyboard and searching the Internet (while watching or rather listening to the tv). I think I could live with this kind of set up - at home with a very reliable Internet and computer in tow. I think I love being a "domestic goddess" (speaking of this, I also need to read the books of Sophie Kinsella - the Undomestic Goddess most especially).

Also, I saw yesterday that the movie, Nights in Rodanthe is already out in theaters. I want to watch that, too! What else? Waaah! I could go on and on with this list but not accomplish anything since I am just mumbling nonstop.

Enough for the non-sense and incoherent thougths! Let me just post this pasta I cooked weeks and weeks ago. This is my cheesy and creamy tuna pasta (I used spinach fettucine).

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So It's True???!!

They say that one of the things that husbands or guys can't live without is remote control. Remember the email sent to most of us about the wife hiding the remote control in her purse since the husband would not want to go with her shopping? She thought of this act as the most evil revenge to his hubby, hehe!

Anyway, while I was fixing hubby's side of bed, I saw this:

aside from books, there are remote controls (of the electric fan, aircon, tv, cable box)
on his side table

And suddenly, I thought of that joke. Aha.... so it's true?!!!! LOL!


I miss answering tags. Thanks Mich for this :)

A. Attached or single ? — Attached

B. Best friend? — Ate Nins (miss you so much!)

C. Cake or pie? — Cake din

D. Day of choice? — Sunday

E. Essential item? — Computer (I must agree with Mich)

F. Favorite color? — Green

G. Gummy bears or worms? — Gummy bears

H. Hometown? — Pampanga

I. Favorite indulgence? — Kakanin and Desserts

J. January or July? — January

K. Kids? — soon (keeping my fingers cross)

L. Life isn’t complete without? — Love

M. Marriage date ? — August 24, 2001

N. Number of magazine subscriptions? - None but I am considering getting subscription to Yes!

O. Orange or apple? — Apple

P. Phobias? — Heights

Q. Quotes? — “Patience is a virtue.” Oh, well I work in a call center, that's why..

R. Reasons to smile? — God's blessings, Another day, Family, Friends

S. Season of choice? — Christmas season

T. Tag 5 people - Ann, Mari, Eds, Jody, Alpha

U. Unknown fact about me? - uh-oh!

V. Vegetable ? — All

W. Worst habit? — Being forgetful?

X. X-ray or ultrasound? - ultrasound

Y. Your favorite food(s)? Filipino and Italian

Z. Zodiac sign — Taurus

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Showbiz Buzz

~chismosa mode, wink~

Whatever channel you choose - 7 or 2, they talk nothing but break ups. And the chismosa in me just can't let things pass by without knowing what one has to say about their break ups. Anne Curtis looked really hurt with the way she answered Kris' questions. She is the epitome of one who really fell in love and got hurt. Ey, am not an Anne Curtis fan but I watch Dyosa everytime I have time to hit the tube. Could it be she found out the "real" Sam Milby? Hahah, this is just my own POV.

Then, there is Dingdong and Karylle. I read from a forum that it was not really Marian who stole Dingdong - was it Toni? Hehe, intriga to the max 'to!! Well, they said that the reason they broke up was Antonette Taus - how true kaya? :) By the way, I bought the copy of YES! Magazine and boy, the house of Dingdong is really, really nice. I love his jacuzzi near the gazebo with Asian inspired theme. The wood finishing is a hit!

And lastly, I did not know that Angel Locsin and Lucky Manzano have "something" between them. Anyway, they said that they are both happy but are not confirming anything. Ah, whatever! I am just in the mood to write about local showbiz chismis.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Christmas Wish List

Hey hubby, this post is for you. :)

I just hope he gets to read this before Christmas. Anyway, I told myself that if I would not have these on Christmas (which is more likely to happen, heheh), then they would be my motivations (aside from a better future) for working harder.

1. Laptop - Okay, we have a very reliable desktop but I still want a laptop that I can use anytime for my side jobs. And this girly Dell lappy is the best option.
2. Dooney and Burke bag - I want this bag and it's on sale - half the price! :)
3. Jewelry - I want the flat tri-color necklace I saw at the mall - the gold or silver would do.
4. Shoes or sandals - sneakers from Adidas and gladiator sandals

5. Perfume - Anna Sui's Secret Wish

6. Cooking Range - Since I am falling in love again with cooking, I need a good cooking range.

What's for Lunch?

If there is one thing that I get to love since we do not have a helper currently, it is having to cook lunch or dinner during the weekends. Just like today, I get to cook our lunch. We had baby back pork ribs (ala Racks, heheh) and potatoes with herbs.

I was really digging the Internet yesterday for the perfect recipe of a tender baby back rib but unfortunately, all ingredients that they used are not in our pantry. So the solution is to invent my own marinade. I used oyster sauce, ketchup, tomato paste, brown sugar, oregano, olive oil, vinegar, soy sauce and red wine. I marinated the slab of baby back ribs last night and boiled it in the marinade in the morning. Then broiled it but since we do not have an oven yet, I used the turbo broiler. I am actually afraid that the ribs would not be tender and juicy since I am not using an oven. Luckily, that did not happen.

Here is the finished product - I am somehow proud of this attempt to cook ribs without following any recipe. It was a success after all the experimenting - oh well, this is according to my husband. :)

Then I cooked potatoes with herbs as a side dish for the baby back ribs.

I know, this blog is becoming a food blog. But I don't really mind. After all, food is my passion!

50% Discount at Mequeni Deli

Yes, you read that right! And what is more interesting - it's everyday!!! A colleague who has a wife working at Holiday Inn at Clark, Pampanga informed us about this promotion. And of course, the offer is just tempting. Imagine, that is half the price slash for all pastries and breads!

Mequeni Deli at Holiday Inn - Clark

So last Tuesday at 7 PM, we rushed to Mequeni Deli, which is located at the first floor just at the front lobby of Holiday Inn. It was my first time to check this sale and that is why I just could not decide which bread or cake to buy. I was so ecstatic with the goodies right in front of me. Just so you know, I looove desserts so much and that is why these pastries and the 50% discount make me really giddy!!

There were carrot loaves, banana loaves, empanadas, foccacia bread, ciabata, cheesecakes and others, I just don't know the names. Too bad the Danish and cream puffs were already sold out. So you might ask, what I brought home? I bought a baked cheesecake for 390 pesos. Do the math and guess the original price. :)

Cheesecake at Mequeni Deli

Sold at 50% discount after 6 PM

So if you want to take advantage of this sale in Mequeni Deli for the breads and pastries, go there at 6 PM. The discount is being offered until supplies (pastries and breads of the day) last. And I am telling you, the cheesecake tasted yummy - it was a steal for the price!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Only U

We watched this movie of Vhong Navarro and Toni Gonzaga last Thursday and I am just so happy. It really erased all those stresses of last week. There is no dull moment in the entire flick. The only mistake we did is we went inside the theater early. So we saw how it ended first - and that was the twist in the movie!

I love the story, the jokes (though they were the old jokes we heard many years ago, still they were properly delivered that would make you laugh your heart out), love the characters (I mean the neighbors of Bhong and Winona - punk, rock and roll and patola!), love the special appearance of John Lloyd (winner talaga ang sun dance), and love the sound track ( love the Kasama kang Tumanda, which is the tagalog version of Grow Old with You).

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

For me - who is a lover of these feel good movies, it's a 10! Cathy Molina is really doing great in reviving the Filipino movie industry.

Got the movie poster here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Friendster and Social Networking

I often write short articles about the topic social networking for clients. But right now, I think I would need to write a post in this blog for those "friendsters" who do not understand social networking. With the popularity of business online, online dating and other dealings in the Internet, these sites like Friendster, MySpace, Facebook and Multiply were created. These sites are open to anyone who knows how to fill up the information needed upon account registration. There are really no important requirements needed - even a newborn(if he knows how to type - heck, the mother can type anyway) can have one!

When you put your pictures and information in these sites then you SHOULD know that anybody - an enemy, an ex GF or ex BF, friends, thieves, family, former classmates, hackers, a potential partner, stalkers, celebrities (oh yeah) and strangers can access the account. And it is for this reason that most businesses are using these types of social networking sites to promote their products, services or their webpages to very huge audiences.

Personally, I am enjoying these sites because they are great channels in meeting those people who you thought you just lost contact with. Love the features they offer (especially the pictures) and of course, I get to promote my blog. :)

But while I enjoy those stuffs, I also understand that responsibility comes along with it. IF you do not want others to take a peak on your life, then do not put anything personal or do not create an account, in the first place! And that is the reason why some people do not have any account on these social networking sites - they simply KNOW and UNDERSTAND that. Though there are settings like private profiles, still you have that picture, your name (and for others even their surname) and your location. So you are still sharing a part of you in the whole World Wide Web.

If you DO NOT understand and WOULD NOT WANT TO understand these concepts involving social networking sites, then BACK OFF! Social networking is NOT your thing! It is as easy as that!!!

But if you'll ask me, I am still loving these sites so much and that is why I am maintaining my accounts even if there are "strangers" who can just stumble upon my page anytime . I choose to be part of these sites and I understand how they work and I am held accountable to whatever consequences that go along with it. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our November 1

We were not supposed to go to the cemetery since it was raining during the morning of November 1. But then at lunch time, my mother called and told us that the weather in San Fernando has improved and that they would go to the cemetery after lunch. So we finally decided to meet them in the cemetery.

The place was crowded - yeah, it's the time of the year where you hear not cries and agonies of loneliness but prayers and reunion stories in the cemetery. At 5 pm, we went to another cemetery in Minalin Pampanga to pay respect to other deceased relatives.

That boy in the picture is my nephew. I caught him collecting candle wax. This actually brought back the memories of our younger years. We did that, too! Who ever gets to have the bigger wax ball would be the winner - it was a contest among cousins then.

Anyway, we were not able to go to my father-in-law, who was buried in Manila South Cemetery and Vox's favorite grandpa in Sasmuan cemetery. During the night, we just lighted candles and offered prayers for their souls.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Got Hacked

I never thought that my account will get hacked - ever! Yesterday while I was trying to access my business email, I saw that there was an email that was sent by my gmail account with the subject, Hi friends. I got really worried and tried to access my gmail account right away. And there in my sent items - I saw this email that was sent to all my contacts. And I did not send this since I just accessed my email the night before to distribute some assignments to my writers.

I know I just have to change my password right away. And while checking for the link for changing password, I saw this link at the bottom that says Account Details. I clicked it and saw that there was an activity at 4 am (with a different IP address). I swear, that was not me since I was still sleeping at that time. Then I saw the button that says log off other sessions. I clicked that and hurriedly changed my password and account security question. I double checked if that was the only thing that was done using my account, and thank God that was it. After that, I changed all my passwords. I think I just got to be extra careful.

Anyway, for some friends who haven't received the email I sent telling them that my gmail account was hacked and that I did not send the email which is like this one below, please disregard and delete it. This was sent to all my contacts without my authorization. And who ever did this, thanks for teaching me a lesson.

SUBJECT: Hi friends:

-----Inline Attachment Follows-----

Hi friends:
We are wholesale company which can offer you laptops, digital cameras, videos, GPS,cell phone, mp4, game console and many other electron products. We can offer you both highest quality products and best price. Also we could give you favorable discount if you order more. All of our products are brand new and original; if you need any help, please contact us.
MSN: /
Telphone: 0086-01083031356

Photo Addict

I used to think that I am the only one who is addicted to pictures - was I mistaken! Yesterday, hubby got his airsoft gun from from a fellow mountaineer (got it for a "presyong kaibigan"). He was really so excited about it. Then, before we go to sleep, he suddenly stood up and asked me to take pictures of him with his new gun. Do I have a choice? Hehe! He was so wound up with his new arm and I don't want to spoil that - so I obliged.

He was really trying to emote with his photos. And of course, I could not help but let out small giggles behind the camera since he was trying so hard to put in a stern look while holding the gun. Here are some of his photos.

But these two are my favorites...

AbuSayaf ang dating, di ba? waaah :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Breakfast at UCC

After reading the post of Mich about UCC, I can't help but try their breakfast myself. Good thing there is a branch here in SM Pampanga. Right after the mass (around 10 am), we went straight to the coffee shop. If you want to get a free coffee, hot choco or orange juice with your order, go there before 11 AM. The coffee that they are serving for free actually costs P127. Look at the savings that you can get by getting there earlier. Here is the free UCC coffee.

The coffee being poured from a flask

My coffee with a lot of creamer

Hubby ordered the Breakfast Waffles Veal Bratwurst. His order consists of vegetable salad, the veal bratwurst and waffles.

I, on the other hand ordered the American Country Breakfast English Bangers. The order has hash brown, 2 eggs, 3 sausages and toasts. Mas matakaw kasi ako!

I was actually planning to sample their cakes but boy, we were so full that we just decided to skip it and just walk around the mall. Unfortunately, I did not take the effort to take pictures of their cakes (baka kasi magsisi pa ko bat di namin tinry).

UCC Menu
The breakfast is really great. And though the breakfast is a bit pricey, it is good enough to make you feel stuffed till the late afternoon. We got hungry again around 3 pm. By the way, the smell of the shop is really tempting for those coffee lovers like us. We will definitely go back to UCC and will try their iced blend coffee and their cakes ( I am eyeing the kitkat mousse).