Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Superstition

Wow, in about 9 more hours, we are going to say bye-bye to year 2007 and hello to 2008. That was quite fast! Anyway, I woke up early today since we want to go to the mall first thing in the morning to buy some stuff for our Media Noche (iwas na rin sa maraming tao). Probably, people are thinking the same thing since there are so many people in SM Hypermarket at 9 am. Wala rin palang sinabi ang Enteng Kabisote 4 and Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo sa line sa Betty’s Native Kakanin, box office talaga! Anyway, while dressing up, I got a glimpse of the New Year's superstitions or rituals that we can do this New Year's Eve at Unang Hirit. Don't get me wrong, I am not really an advocate of all these feng shui or other rituals or superstitions. It's just that - wala namang mawawala di ba if you would try them:).

Here are the things that I am willing to try (as per Joy of Charms and Crystals):

1. From your doorstep, roll mandarin or kiat-kiat on the floor, going inside of the house. This is to bring blessings fast into your home. Ehem, who would not want that, right? And because of this, we were one of those people who nudge their way to these fruits in the fruit and vegetable section.
2. To drive away bad luck, light sandalwood incense. I checked all the possible stores in SM Clark where we can get this but we failed to get one. I'll just use the night jasmine. As long as the house is clean and is sweet smelling, pwede na yun.
3. For good luck, display 8 garlic bulbs on your table. Good thing, we already have this.

Aside from these, during New Year's Eve, I really keep coins (and money) on my pockets. I also have this canister that is full of coins. It is the one I use every year to make noise inside the house. We do not buy firecrackers since I have a painful (traumatic) experience with these Roman candles when I was young. I remember, last year we even used some pots and ladles to make noise inside the house. We also open the door and the windows to welcome the many blessings that this coming year will bring us.

You see you would not lose anything for trying out these stuffs- okay I am trying to justify my plans, lols. Kidding aside, year 2007 has been good to us but we still believe that this coming year would be better. It would be the year that our family would finally be complete! Hay, I am just so excited for this coming year. As they say, strong faith would still be the key. Of course, it's the most powerful tool and what is good about it? You do not have to go and battle your way to the mall just to get it. :)

Have a Fruitful New Year, everyone!

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