Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Yes, it's been while. But before anything else, Merry Merry Christmas everyone!

So what kept me out from blogging?

I have been so busy this month with my christmas shopping, finishing my reports at work because of vacation leaves filed for the holidays, going to the doctor for check ups, planning for a small celebration for my hubby's birthday and shopping with my mother in law. Hay naku, parang sobrang busy tong month na to. Not to mention pa pala the stress I got from my "sideline". I was busy going to the doctor because the rashes that I mentioned before got worse. I need to take some medications and need to do follow up check ups for the enitre weekends of December. It's not the food nor the weather - the culprit is stress (the stress I got from this sideline and the stress I got from thinking about the laparascopy and I do not know what kind of stress pa). Alam ko mataas ang tolerance ko with stress(as in!) but probably, I reached the saturation point na kaya biglang di kinaya. Good thing, the allergy thingie is okay now. I am just waiting for the scars to fade pero got so sad and frustrated since I could not wear most of my blouses yet--kita pa yung sa upper arms eh. :(

Then last December 22, hubby celebrated his birthday. Naku, he got one year older again and until now childless pa(huhuhu!). Anyway, we celebrated it with some relatives and friends here at our place lang. I obliged my mom to cook for us since she is the best as in the bestest of all the bests(exagerated na ba?). She loves cooking and she actually volunteered kasi. Last year I was the one who cooked. Kakapagod kaya binigay ko na sa kanya ung task. :) Hubby appreciated all the efforts and plannings that I did together with our families. It was a simple celebration but became meaningful since his relatives, close friends and his mom is there-- at ako syempre :) Hon, Happy Birthday!

I think I need to update you guys with the laparascopy thingie. We are actually planning this January but it would be delayed somehow because my mother in law wants us to see this doctor at UST. She is a friend of her co-professor at UST and she had handled a similar case like ours. Hubby and I talked about it and we are considering getting a second opinion and if there is another option for our case. But should they give us the same option, then we're on to laparascopy. My mother also feels the same thing and she said that we first check it out with another OB.

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Merry Christmas, Arlene!