Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday Update

Appointment with Dra Co-Sy

Yesterday, I woke up early considering that it's my day off and hubby does not need to report for work. You know why? Because we are going to the OB. Hubby is more excited, he mentioned that he even dreamt about it.

As usual, there are so many patients at the clinic of Dra. Eileen Co-Sy. She is well-known as a fertility expert here in Angeles, that’s why. She then did a trans-V ultrasound and said that the findings are the same. It is still endometrial polyps that maybe caused by endometriosis. She then explained that we need to know what those lumps inside the uterus are because even if she would still prescribe fertility pills and there are these blockages, then we could not really get pregnant. She further explained that what we really need is laparoscopy. She said that the perfect time to do laparoscopy is right after the menstruation. So if we want to get pregnant the soonest, then December is the perfect time for us. She even said that right after the procedure, we can already work it out to get pregnant on that same month. OH, that would be a very good Christmas and birthday gift for hubby, don’t you think? The cost on the other hand is of course, quite big. That is expected since work ups are really expensive. We are getting ready for that now – December or January is our target. But I need to be honest, I am quite nervous about all of these – I even said to hubby that I do not want to see the operating room. Can I actually stay asleep for straight 2 days and never notice that I have been to the hospital for a minor surgery? But again, for the sake of having a baby, we would do everything. I am scheduled to go back to the OB on Tuesday for follicle monitoring - that means I need to file for a leave.

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Coffee and Biology Teacher

After the check-up, we went to SM to buy pants for hubby and buy gift for my inaanak, Dylan. She would be celebrating her 1st birthday today. Then we tried the new coffee shop in SM Clark, Extremely Xpresso CafĂ©. Their coffee is just like the usual Starbucks coffee, nothing notable really. I was just surprised to see our high school biology teacher having coffee there. Annette, Yvette, Jean, Eds and Jane, correct me if I am wrong – she is Ms. Jennie Garcia. I thought almost all of the nurses (I believe she is a nurse) in Phil are already in the US but looks like Ms. Garcia is still here. I was just glad that she still remembers me; she smiled and waved on our direction.

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Here on Earth

Okay, I know, my Saturday update is quite long but please bear with me. There is still one that I want to share. You see, by now you can tell that I am a very sentimental person (sobrang mushy minsan). Anyway, this is about the very first movie that hubby and I watched. When we got married, we are actually looking for a copy of this movie and I don’t know what’s with this movie that we could not find a copy – not until yesterday. So last night, we get to watch Here on Earth (what’s that? o, see di ganong popular kaya walang copy, heheh). Of course, this movie reminds us of those kilig times way back year 2000. Honestly, I cried while watching the movie – call me babaw but that is really me, a cry baby. The movie is just simple. I think the crying came from another emotion inside me and not really from the plot of the movie.

Anyway, here is the line that I love from this movie : "I love this spot, it's like heaven right here on earth, maybe that's what heaven is, maybe we go through life collecting people and places we love and they become our heaven..” Vox actually wrote a song way back then, entitled, what else kundi Here on Earth. Do I need to say that it was our “song”? heheh, sorry can’t help being mushy..


mari said...

sis sana nga tuloy2 na yang work up ninyo. that means 'the best christmas gift' for you and hubby.
we'll help you pray for that... goodluck!!!

My World said...

hi! laparoscopy is easy, don't worry. i had it done in 2003 to remove polyps and it was just an outpatient procedure.

btw, ca you please add naman my extension home in your links?

thanks and take care!


Happymommi said...


goodluck on your work ups :)
we'll keep you and your husband in our prayers :)

Jane said...

hi arlene! love that movie!

jon and i watched it before nung mag bf pa lang kami :)

btw, goodluck on your workups. sana this time successful na.