Monday, November 12, 2007

Boracay Escapade - Day 3

Okay, here is day 3. As usual, we woke up early. We still have so many things to do for this day. Our flight would be at 4:00 in the afternoon so as early as 1:30, we need to be going to Caticlan airport. We took our breakfast at the hotel (Patio Pacific). The breakfast is not really superb. It was a buffet but probably because we were used to tocino, longaniza and tapa from Pampanga (sanay sa carcinogens) we did not appreciate it much. Anyway, breakfast lang naman yon.

We just love walking on the beach. We spent most of our time there doing just that. All throughout our walk, hubby kept on taking pictures of me. Look, he just could not get enough of me. :)

a walk to remember?

Anyway, good thing I just loved posing for pictures. :) I also took some pictures of him, habang nag-eemote din sya.

Was he contemplating of buying an island in Boracay? lols

trying to leave some footprints in the sand

We swam in the beach for some time and after awhile when we got hungry, I volunteered that we go to Jonah's. Aba! A Boracay vacation won't be complete without trying out Jonah's shakes. So we went there. I actually ordered Banana Choco Peanut shake but they do not have peanut(so sad!). So we ended up ordering Banana Choco Vanilla and Banana Mango Shakes with Boracay Special (sandwich). Sarap talaga ng shakes nila!

We decided to go back to the hotel to pack our things. Checking out is at 12 pm and we still want to take our lunch and buy some pasalubongs at D Mall. We would just then leave our things at the hotel lobby. By 11:30 am, we checked out and headed to D Mall. I just bought some necklaces, bracelets, anklets, cellphone accessories, key chains, shirts and fans for some friends and relatives. And by 12 noon, we were already at Aria for lunch. Hay, ansarap talaga ng food! Here's what we ordered.

frozen iced tea

aria's pizza
enjoying life

We were just right on time when we reached the hotel. The tricycle was already waiting for us. And when we reached Caticlan airport, we got settled right away. And as usual, we still have the 19-sitter airplane of Seair. I thought that I would no longer get nervous with the plane ride. When the plane took off, I even said to hubby "O diba, di na ko natatakot!" Yabang di ba? But after about 30 minutes, it began to rain and oh my gosh, the plane started to shake. Hala! I held hubby's hand and started to pray again. Good thing the rain stopped and the flight was again smooth as it should be (smooth ba talga un, or am I convincing myself? lols). By around 5:30 pm, we were already at Clark.

It was just a short vacation, but nonetheless it was filled with adventure and fun. And of course, nothing really beats a quality time spent with the one you love. We really enjoyed every bits of this short vacation!


Mich said...

wow, the food looks great! glad you had fun! :) sana ako din makabakasyon ng ganyan.

Jen said...

Hi Arlene,

I bloghopped from Alpha's site. Your header is awesome! Did you photoshop it in any way? LOVE IT! Hope you don't mind me linking you up!


Ces said...

nice pics, girlfriend =)

Arlene said...

mich - hay naku, bora lang kami..ikaw pang international ang mga vacations nyo. sarap nga ng food, damipang gusto naming i-try.

jen - thanks for dropping by. Di naman talga photoshop parang ung auto correct lang. My friend, Minette did the header. Galing nya! Will link you up too:)

ces - thanks for dropping by. :)

Peachy said...

wow, sarap naman ng vacationa t bora.. nice pics too