Thursday, November 8, 2007

Boracay Escapade - Day 2

We plan to wake up earlier but we woke up at around 6 am. Had a breakfast on the hotel restaurant and then went again to the beach. Twas around 7 am. The island hopping is at 10 am so we still have 3 hours to explore the beach. Here are the picture we took within that 3 hours.

At exactly 10 am, manong bangkero came for our island hopping. Boracay really has so many wonderful views. You could not get enough of the crystal clear water as well as the refreshing sight of these small islands.

We tried snorkeling but I did not really enjoyed it because I do not how to swim :). Look, I was facing the sun when I should be under the water checking out the fishes and the corals.

is this sunbathing or snorkeling? hehe

he enjoyed it so much!

We had lunch but since we were really so hungry I forgot to take pictures of the grilled tuna, pork and chicken barbecue, tahong and the ensalada that they served us. And while waiting for the bangkero to call us back, we took again pictures. Hehehe! We're both picture addicts:)

the crocodile island is the background

After which, we headed to crystal cove. Oh, the experience was really sooo nice! We get to go to these caves - another adventure hubby enjoyed to the max.

the views from crystal cove:

inside cave 1 and 2

Last destination for the island hopping is Puka Beach. I really got nervous (again) when we were going to this island. The waves were huge and you could really feel that the boat going up and down. I was trying to hold a life vest already-pinagtatawanan na ko ni vox . But the bangkero mentioned that it is still safe since we are in a big boat. There are few people at Puka beach and it's really nice to take a deep in the waters of the island.

welcome to Puka beach!

Hay, the whole island hopping was really tiring but we really enjoyed every bits of it. We were actually planning to go and try banana boat after but our body is already tired. Unfortunately, by this time, the battery of the digicam was drained na rin. Before going back to the hotel room, we ate at Bite Club at D Mall. Wow! the burgers were so delicious. We ordered bombzarella - it's half pounder grilled burger with mozarella cheese and extra blue cheese as topping.

We rested for awhile at the hotel room. It was there that we realized that we could have planned to stay here for 4 days. Kulang pala ang 3 days. And since we were already recharged, we went back to the beach and look for a restaurant for dinner. We went to Cafe del Mar since they have this romantic set up for dinner by the beach. We tried their Mediterranean cuisine and it was yummy.
Then we saw this bar where in you are sited on a long bamboo chair while enjoying your meal or drinks. It's called Bamboo Lounge. It's the perfect place to take a sit and talk almost anything while resting on the comfy chair. Love the ambiance and the set up.

refreshing blue hawaiian

I almost fell asleep on this chair

(there is still day 3 :)

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Mich said...

hi Arlene, naku kulang talga ang 3days. We stayed in Boracay during our honeymoon for a wk but bitin pa din. :)