Monday, November 12, 2007

Are you smarter than a 2nd grader?

We stayed through the weekend at my parent's place. For once, we can stop thinking of what we would have for dinner or lunch because we have my mother to think about those stuffs. Hay, sa totoo lang, until now, I find that task very tedious - now I appreciate my mom even better! Salamat, ma!

Anyway, as we stayed there, my pamangkin, Zandro or Doydoy as we call him asked me to review him. He was picked (together with 2 more Grade 2 studs) to represent their school in a quiz bee, stage tita rin kasi ako (lols). He held a math workbook and was reading the questions about fractions and divisions and at the same time answering them without using any writing material. I was actually amazed, wala man lang scratch paper? And most (about 99%) of his answers were correct.

Then, we reached a portion where they would give the shape of some things. Quite simple, sabi ko nga kahit nakapikit to, alam na nya answers. Kasi, I remembered, he was just about 1 or 2 years old then, he already know the shapes kaya sisiw to. Then, there was a question about the shape of the roof of the house - I was expecting him to say triangle but his answer is wrong. He said rectangle. So the curious tita asked why and he answered:

" di ba tita len, rectangle yun? bat si daddy kong (my father) pag bumibili ng yero rectangle naman yon tapos yung side naman ng bubong ng bahay rectangle din."

Ummm, me point! Anyway, I just asked him to draw a house... Eh syempre, simple house lang naman alam nyang i-draw, so the roof is triangle!:) Hay, ano bang meron sa gatas ng mga bata ngayon at parang nasobrahan ng pagka-smart?


popcorn said...

Heehee, ang kulit no ? Nakakatuwa. :D

Arlene said...

Yup, sinabi mo po pero kakaaliw talaga :)