Monday, November 19, 2007

Comfort Foods

I was tagged by Eds and she wants to know my comfort foods.

First on the list of course - cakes! I love the German chocolate cheesecake of Chef d Angelo's, sinful cake and ube pound cake with walnut of Ala Creme, most of the cakes of Red Ribbon and cakes from other coffee shops. Bastat cake - pasok sa comfort food ko! :)

Second - chocolates. And it would be better if they have nuts para me bite :)

Third - halo halo of Razon's or Corazon's.

Fourth - pizza and pasta

Now am tagging dorxie, melisse, cez and peachy.

Super Star (ala Nora?)

Eww! Another award, this time from Jean. Thanks, sissy! I just love receiving more and more of these. :)

I am passing the joy now to Kathycot, Jody, Mich and Mari.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday Update

Appointment with Dra Co-Sy

Yesterday, I woke up early considering that it's my day off and hubby does not need to report for work. You know why? Because we are going to the OB. Hubby is more excited, he mentioned that he even dreamt about it.

As usual, there are so many patients at the clinic of Dra. Eileen Co-Sy. She is well-known as a fertility expert here in Angeles, that’s why. She then did a trans-V ultrasound and said that the findings are the same. It is still endometrial polyps that maybe caused by endometriosis. She then explained that we need to know what those lumps inside the uterus are because even if she would still prescribe fertility pills and there are these blockages, then we could not really get pregnant. She further explained that what we really need is laparoscopy. She said that the perfect time to do laparoscopy is right after the menstruation. So if we want to get pregnant the soonest, then December is the perfect time for us. She even said that right after the procedure, we can already work it out to get pregnant on that same month. OH, that would be a very good Christmas and birthday gift for hubby, don’t you think? The cost on the other hand is of course, quite big. That is expected since work ups are really expensive. We are getting ready for that now – December or January is our target. But I need to be honest, I am quite nervous about all of these – I even said to hubby that I do not want to see the operating room. Can I actually stay asleep for straight 2 days and never notice that I have been to the hospital for a minor surgery? But again, for the sake of having a baby, we would do everything. I am scheduled to go back to the OB on Tuesday for follicle monitoring - that means I need to file for a leave.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Coffee and Biology Teacher

After the check-up, we went to SM to buy pants for hubby and buy gift for my inaanak, Dylan. She would be celebrating her 1st birthday today. Then we tried the new coffee shop in SM Clark, Extremely Xpresso Café. Their coffee is just like the usual Starbucks coffee, nothing notable really. I was just surprised to see our high school biology teacher having coffee there. Annette, Yvette, Jean, Eds and Jane, correct me if I am wrong – she is Ms. Jennie Garcia. I thought almost all of the nurses (I believe she is a nurse) in Phil are already in the US but looks like Ms. Garcia is still here. I was just glad that she still remembers me; she smiled and waved on our direction.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Here on Earth

Okay, I know, my Saturday update is quite long but please bear with me. There is still one that I want to share. You see, by now you can tell that I am a very sentimental person (sobrang mushy minsan). Anyway, this is about the very first movie that hubby and I watched. When we got married, we are actually looking for a copy of this movie and I don’t know what’s with this movie that we could not find a copy – not until yesterday. So last night, we get to watch Here on Earth (what’s that? o, see di ganong popular kaya walang copy, heheh). Of course, this movie reminds us of those kilig times way back year 2000. Honestly, I cried while watching the movie – call me babaw but that is really me, a cry baby. The movie is just simple. I think the crying came from another emotion inside me and not really from the plot of the movie.

Anyway, here is the line that I love from this movie : "I love this spot, it's like heaven right here on earth, maybe that's what heaven is, maybe we go through life collecting people and places we love and they become our heaven..” Vox actually wrote a song way back then, entitled, what else kundi Here on Earth. Do I need to say that it was our “song”? heheh, sorry can’t help being mushy..

Question Tag

Juliana wants me to answer this question :

What is your favorite sleeping position, and why?

Actually it is leaning on my right side and laying flat on the bed. I simply love these positions because I feel comfortable with them. Also, laying flat on bed helps me ease up the pain on my back. Got scoliosis that is why I need to straighten up to prevent that hump at my back from getting worse.

Friendship Award

Okay, though I am lacking time for updating my blog and visiting the blogs of other online buddies, still I got another award. Thanks Mich for this! I really appreciate it.

I am now giving this award to Alpha, Annette and Jane.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Are you smarter than a 2nd grader?

We stayed through the weekend at my parent's place. For once, we can stop thinking of what we would have for dinner or lunch because we have my mother to think about those stuffs. Hay, sa totoo lang, until now, I find that task very tedious - now I appreciate my mom even better! Salamat, ma!

Anyway, as we stayed there, my pamangkin, Zandro or Doydoy as we call him asked me to review him. He was picked (together with 2 more Grade 2 studs) to represent their school in a quiz bee, stage tita rin kasi ako (lols). He held a math workbook and was reading the questions about fractions and divisions and at the same time answering them without using any writing material. I was actually amazed, wala man lang scratch paper? And most (about 99%) of his answers were correct.

Then, we reached a portion where they would give the shape of some things. Quite simple, sabi ko nga kahit nakapikit to, alam na nya answers. Kasi, I remembered, he was just about 1 or 2 years old then, he already know the shapes kaya sisiw to. Then, there was a question about the shape of the roof of the house - I was expecting him to say triangle but his answer is wrong. He said rectangle. So the curious tita asked why and he answered:

" di ba tita len, rectangle yun? bat si daddy kong (my father) pag bumibili ng yero rectangle naman yon tapos yung side naman ng bubong ng bahay rectangle din."

Ummm, me point! Anyway, I just asked him to draw a house... Eh syempre, simple house lang naman alam nyang i-draw, so the roof is triangle!:) Hay, ano bang meron sa gatas ng mga bata ngayon at parang nasobrahan ng pagka-smart?

Boracay Escapade - Day 3

Okay, here is day 3. As usual, we woke up early. We still have so many things to do for this day. Our flight would be at 4:00 in the afternoon so as early as 1:30, we need to be going to Caticlan airport. We took our breakfast at the hotel (Patio Pacific). The breakfast is not really superb. It was a buffet but probably because we were used to tocino, longaniza and tapa from Pampanga (sanay sa carcinogens) we did not appreciate it much. Anyway, breakfast lang naman yon.

We just love walking on the beach. We spent most of our time there doing just that. All throughout our walk, hubby kept on taking pictures of me. Look, he just could not get enough of me. :)

a walk to remember?

Anyway, good thing I just loved posing for pictures. :) I also took some pictures of him, habang nag-eemote din sya.

Was he contemplating of buying an island in Boracay? lols

trying to leave some footprints in the sand

We swam in the beach for some time and after awhile when we got hungry, I volunteered that we go to Jonah's. Aba! A Boracay vacation won't be complete without trying out Jonah's shakes. So we went there. I actually ordered Banana Choco Peanut shake but they do not have peanut(so sad!). So we ended up ordering Banana Choco Vanilla and Banana Mango Shakes with Boracay Special (sandwich). Sarap talaga ng shakes nila!

We decided to go back to the hotel to pack our things. Checking out is at 12 pm and we still want to take our lunch and buy some pasalubongs at D Mall. We would just then leave our things at the hotel lobby. By 11:30 am, we checked out and headed to D Mall. I just bought some necklaces, bracelets, anklets, cellphone accessories, key chains, shirts and fans for some friends and relatives. And by 12 noon, we were already at Aria for lunch. Hay, ansarap talaga ng food! Here's what we ordered.

frozen iced tea

aria's pizza
enjoying life

We were just right on time when we reached the hotel. The tricycle was already waiting for us. And when we reached Caticlan airport, we got settled right away. And as usual, we still have the 19-sitter airplane of Seair. I thought that I would no longer get nervous with the plane ride. When the plane took off, I even said to hubby "O diba, di na ko natatakot!" Yabang di ba? But after about 30 minutes, it began to rain and oh my gosh, the plane started to shake. Hala! I held hubby's hand and started to pray again. Good thing the rain stopped and the flight was again smooth as it should be (smooth ba talga un, or am I convincing myself? lols). By around 5:30 pm, we were already at Clark.

It was just a short vacation, but nonetheless it was filled with adventure and fun. And of course, nothing really beats a quality time spent with the one you love. We really enjoyed every bits of this short vacation!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Template

Though I love the color green, I have been wishing to change my blog's template. And finally, I made a total makeover with my blog's appearance. Thanks to my dear friend Minette for helping me out with the header. I just love it! Mwuah!

And of course thanks for hubby for the nice picture. It just look like a poster! :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Boracay Escapade - Day 2

We plan to wake up earlier but we woke up at around 6 am. Had a breakfast on the hotel restaurant and then went again to the beach. Twas around 7 am. The island hopping is at 10 am so we still have 3 hours to explore the beach. Here are the picture we took within that 3 hours.

At exactly 10 am, manong bangkero came for our island hopping. Boracay really has so many wonderful views. You could not get enough of the crystal clear water as well as the refreshing sight of these small islands.

We tried snorkeling but I did not really enjoyed it because I do not how to swim :). Look, I was facing the sun when I should be under the water checking out the fishes and the corals.

is this sunbathing or snorkeling? hehe

he enjoyed it so much!

We had lunch but since we were really so hungry I forgot to take pictures of the grilled tuna, pork and chicken barbecue, tahong and the ensalada that they served us. And while waiting for the bangkero to call us back, we took again pictures. Hehehe! We're both picture addicts:)

the crocodile island is the background

After which, we headed to crystal cove. Oh, the experience was really sooo nice! We get to go to these caves - another adventure hubby enjoyed to the max.

the views from crystal cove:

inside cave 1 and 2

Last destination for the island hopping is Puka Beach. I really got nervous (again) when we were going to this island. The waves were huge and you could really feel that the boat going up and down. I was trying to hold a life vest already-pinagtatawanan na ko ni vox . But the bangkero mentioned that it is still safe since we are in a big boat. There are few people at Puka beach and it's really nice to take a deep in the waters of the island.

welcome to Puka beach!

Hay, the whole island hopping was really tiring but we really enjoyed every bits of it. We were actually planning to go and try banana boat after but our body is already tired. Unfortunately, by this time, the battery of the digicam was drained na rin. Before going back to the hotel room, we ate at Bite Club at D Mall. Wow! the burgers were so delicious. We ordered bombzarella - it's half pounder grilled burger with mozarella cheese and extra blue cheese as topping.

We rested for awhile at the hotel room. It was there that we realized that we could have planned to stay here for 4 days. Kulang pala ang 3 days. And since we were already recharged, we went back to the beach and look for a restaurant for dinner. We went to Cafe del Mar since they have this romantic set up for dinner by the beach. We tried their Mediterranean cuisine and it was yummy.
Then we saw this bar where in you are sited on a long bamboo chair while enjoying your meal or drinks. It's called Bamboo Lounge. It's the perfect place to take a sit and talk almost anything while resting on the comfy chair. Love the ambiance and the set up.

refreshing blue hawaiian

I almost fell asleep on this chair

(there is still day 3 :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Boracay Escapade - Day 1

As you know, I am so excited for this trip. I have to admit that it was my first time to ride on a plane so I was so delighted like a child (see my eyes twinkle?) with that in mind. We personally chose to go with Seair for convenience. I just do not want to travel all the way to Manila when there is a way to fly from Pampanga (Clark is just 20 to 30 minutes away from our home).

We were booked for the flight at 9 AM on November 1 but 3 days before the scheduled date, they called to tell us that that flight was canceled and we were transferred to the 3:30 PM flight. Do we have a choice, right? Pero sayang talaga kasi ung time. Anyway, at 4pm on November 1, we were aboard on a 19 sitter aircraft. The first time I saw the plane, it's like - "oh my! is this a plane or a bus with wings!(sounds like a napkin commercial-lols!)". Hay, I was so nervous (I was praying nonstop) but you know what, my husband was the opposite. He was so, so happy. He is adventurous and he feels like this one is really a great experience. And since the plane is so small, you will really feel every movement and hear the aircraft motor roaring. Good thing pala Hubby loves reading about aircrafts and he is a frustrated pilot - big time. So it was just when he mentioned that the owner of Seair are the Dorniers and they are one of the well known people in aircraft, that I finally felt a tinge of relief during the flight. You see, the vacation really started with a great adventure, sa plane palang panalo na! lols.

We reached Caticlan in whole- no broken fingers whatsoever but with just one of a kind plane ride experience added to our "escapades". heheh!

The moment we checked in the hotel (that was about past 6 pm na), we just arranged our stuffs and headed to the beach. We need to maximize the time for our first day. The sight of the beach was really breathtaking.

And since we were already hungry, we had dinner at where else but at....

The main dish came first than the drinks :)

Hon tried their shrimp with coconut while I tried their grilled blue marlin (no pic for that)

Of course, after dinner, it's my turn to have a taste of dessert made in Boracay. We headed at D Mall to check out Lemoni Cafe. I ordered their blueberry cheesecake and cappuccino and hubby had espresso.

We were supposed to go back to the hotel first to change for our first night out in Boracay. But we were both amazed with the bars that are scattered in the shoreline of the island. Then we spotted Boom Boom bar. We stayed there and tried their cocktails and loved it! Probably, it was also because of the ambiance and the acoustic band. It's just the best place to unwind, relax and enjoy our first gimik night. :)

We ended the night at around 11 pm. We want to wake up early for our second day. We know that the beach is lovelier in the morning.

(to be continued, syempre)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

More Updates Please

I know, I need to update my blog now. I have been receiving comments about writing new posts (and not to mention pending tags, ahihih) and unfortunately, I have been so busy with my work before All Saint's Day. There are just so many things to finish at work before taking in my 4 days vacation.

Whew! Did I really have a vacation? Oh, yes! I have my pambawi naman. Will post soon about our Boracay escapade :)