Monday, October 15, 2007

Thursday Night with Lolo Edong

Okay, because of Eid ul-Fitr(or end of Ramadan, I prefer using this one. I can't pronounce that term,lols!)we had a long weekend. For us, it started at Thursday night. I got out from work early at 4 pm and went directly to the mall to have my nails done. I just don't want to go home yet that is why I decided to head off to the mall, kasama na window shopping dun. Hubby decided to fetch me at the mall but it ended up that he came so early. The manicurist was just half way finished with my hands when he arrived and not to mention that my feet were still soaked in a basin of water. So instead of waiting for me while doing some window shopping, he decided to go to Dencio's with his friend, Lolo Edong. Oh di ba, instant gimik un!

I joined them right after that. And while they were drinking, I had my dinner. You see my hubby and Edong are good friends way, way back during their mountaineering club days (mga 80's pa yun, hehehe). Hubby is no longer an active member of the UST mountaineering club but Lolo Edong is the opposite. He joins every climb as well as projects the group has. So what we talked about the whole night was mostly anything related to our college days. Hay, sarap magreminisce. We are all graduates of UST kaya we really have a common topic to discuss - anjan na ang Almers, BRB, Cely's, ang bonggang-bonggang Colayco's park turned into lovers' lane , ang food strip sa harap ng hospital, their climbs, scary experiences on their treks and ghosts (lapitin kasi pareho to ng mga kaluluwang di matahimik, hmmm scary!).

So before we call it a night, we stopped by Beatico for coffee. Syempre, me kwentuhans pa while having coffee. Sometimes, unplanned gimiks like this one are way better than planned ones.

Hubby with his almond moo and Lolo Edong (pa simple ang drama lols)

ang gulo! wala akong matinong pic with these two men

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